ABBA-Mania, a tribute band from Ontario, Canada, performed on May 3 at BYU-Idaho in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

The group sang hits such as Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Fernando.

“All of us started in different tributes, and through the years with knowing people and coming into this production company, we just came together,” said Kara Chandler, the singer that represents ABBA’s singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad. “We knew we always wanted to sing together because our voices blend very well together.”

When Chandler and Angela Seeger, the singer who portrays Agnetha Fältskog, first met, Seeger was representing Adele while Chandler was representing Lady Gaga for their own tribute bands.

The original ABBA was a band formed in Stockholm Sweden in 1972. The name ABBA was formed by combining the first letter of each performer’s name. According to How Many Records Have ABBA Sold, ABBA turned into a band that sold 375 million records.

Seeger said that singing music from ABBA is no joke.

Seeger explained how the two singers need to be spot on and have to perfectly blend with their voices in order to pull the show off.

Seeger said she and Chandler have learned to appreciate ABBA. Instead of seeing it as her job, she found a passion for it. It grew into something they both love. They also believe the songs to be a way for people to find relief in daily life.

“In (the) times this world is today, it’s nice to hear music that is happy,” Seeger said. “It’s nice to hear music that is positive and uplifting.”

Chandler also explained that most of the songs ABBA sang came from their personal experiences.

When you listen to the lyrics, Chandler said, you feel the passion that drives the songs. She claims there are a lot of people of all ages that can be influenced by ABBA’s songs.

“We have a demographic of an audience from three years old to ninety-three,” Chandler said. “There are little kids up dancing because their grandmother taught them and their mother taught them. It’s something they play in the house as a family.”

Their audience is from all around the country. They have sung on the east coast in places such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, all the way to the west coast.

Tucker Trost, a freshman studying communication, was surprised how many songs he actually knew.

“I used to listen to them when I was younger,” Tucker said. “Dancing Queen and Money Money were songs I haven’t heard in a long time.”

Eden Orr, a junior studying art, also remarked that ABBA-Mania exceeded her expectations. She said she loved how well they harmonized together and that all-in-all, it was an outstanding experience.

ABBA-Mania will continue their tour by returning back to Ontario, Canada. They also have plans on furthering their music career throughout the states.

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