Jacob Spori Building. Photo credit: Isabelle Justice.

Scroll is a BYU-Idaho news organization that informs, inspires and entertains the Rexburg community through daily multimedia storytelling.

At Scroll, staff members and student reporters become proficient in AP style writing and gain real-world experience in a newsroom. Scroll does this with five priorities in mind.

1. Audience

Scroll reaches the BYU-I student body, employees, alumni and the Eastern Idaho community through multiple channels. Each topic Scroll covers is chosen for its relevance.

2. Faith

BYU-I comprises a unique religious environment. Scroll supports that environment. The news organization publishes content that builds faith in Jesus Christ.

3. Production

Scroll publishes daily content that is engaging, useful, newsworthy and that adds value to its readers’ lives.

4. Students

Scroll trains effective researchers, journalists, editors, communicators, multimedia storytellers, writers and leaders in a hands-on environment.

5. Values

Scroll values excellence, innovation, truth, humility, freedom, timeliness and fun.

Scroll is BYU-I’s oldest campus organization, and it is excited to continue its legacy by adapting to an online landscape. With its five priorities in mind, Scroll can make a positive difference in the local and Latter-day Saint community.