According to official enrollment statistics, the number of male students now outnumber female students at BYU-Idaho.

This semester, there are 9,778 male students and 8,911 female students, as opposed to last semester’s 7,528 male students and 8,676 female students.

Holley Clark, a sophomore studying art, said the majority being male students on campus should put female students at an advantage in the BYU-I dating pool.

“All the boys around here are so dang picky,” Clark said. “Like dude, there’s not much to go around so you better snatch someone up before your pal or that guy in your ward does. Also, on the topic of being picky … sometimes girls like to be asked out on dates. Don’t worry, we don’t want to marry you, we just want something to do and make new friends.”

According to the numbers, there are a total of 18,689 on-campus students enrolled at the university, while 11,513 students are opting for an online education.