Interview with Andrea Lazaro, an international student from Mexico City, Mexico, and a freshman majoring in English.

Q: What made you decide to study in America?

A: In Mexico, I feel like we don’t have that many opportunities to study, and I got the opportunity to come to America and study on a scholarship, so I figured, why not come to America and get an education here?


Q: How are you adapting to American culture?

A:I feel that it hasn’t been that hard, because I knew a lot about the culture because I used to watch movies and TV shows, and I kind of knew the way they lived. But I do miss my food a lot, and I am having a hard time adapting to the American food.

Q: Do you feel like BYU-Idaho has helped you transition to American culture?

A:I feel like BYU-I has allowed me and helped me adapt well to American culture, because it is allowing me to experience other cultures and to meet people from all over the world that share the same beliefs as me.

Q: What is the scholarship program you are on?

A: The scholarship program I am on is a program where I received help coming to America and my first semester of housing and school was paid for. After that, I am responsible to take care of myself and find out other ways to provide for myself to stay at school.

Q: What are you doing now to stay here at BYU-I next semester?

A: Right now, I work as a morning janitor in the Clarke building. After work, I go to class. I am also applying for a lot of scholarships so that I can pay for next semester.