Choosing a major can be difficult for anyone and may be especially daunting if you are brand new to college.

Lok Darjee, a junior studying physics, said that freshmen who are considering pursuing an education in physics should be prepared to learn a lot and work a lot.

“It is a very difficult major, but it is also very rewarding,” Darjee said. “You have to be able to work hard to keep up.”

Along with working hard, Darjee advised students considering a physics major to learn from his mistakes and ask others for help. Working with others can help share the workload and ease the stress that comes with figuring everything out on your own.

Darjee also said that students should remember to pace their energy throughout their four years at college as well as each semester.

“At the start of the semester you have so much energy to do things, but at the end you used up all your energy and don’t have any left,” Darjee said.