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Many graduates provided advice to students interested in studying in the College of Language and Letters.

Jonathan Mena, a recent graduate of humanities, described his time in his major.

Mena described the workload for the major involves a substantial amount of writing and research. He talked about the many parts of liberal arts he covered like visual media, film and theatre.

As a freshman, Mena was surprised to cover topics in his philosophy classes in depth and without bias. Something that fell through for Mena was how some topics had to be covered quickly which left little room to learn more about it.

Mena’s advice for freshman is to stay organized with assignments that are long-term and can’t be completed in one night. He also advises students to pay close attention in class.

Courtney Walker, an alumni of English, said her coursework studying English has not only helped increase her writing skills, but has also made her better at understanding and empathizing with other people.

She said all the time spent analyzing and learning to understand literature has broadened her understanding of humanity and made her better prepared for future endeavors and life in general. This and her interactions with with professors are some of the most valuable tools she has gained from English.

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