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Mike Super’s return to Rexburg will take place on May 3, 2019. The performance full of surprises will start at 7:30 p.m. in the John W. Hart Auditorium. This event is casual dress and no children under the age of four will be admitted.

Mike Super was a finalist for the TV series America’s Got Talent. According to the Mike Super Website, Super is “the only magician in history to win a LIVE magic competition on primetime US network television.”

The website also describes how Super possesses the natural ability to fascinate and entertain people. Super’s humorous personality and charisma capture audiences by creating a high level of relativity to each audience members’ lives. Super’s fans call themselves “SuperFreaks”.

Ainsley Furgason, a senior studying Theatre, is a magician on campus. Concerning competition among magicians, Furgason said competition isn’t an issue. With many opportunities to perform, the magicians collectively work together to help each other get seen.

According to Furgason, there are two challenging parts to be a magician. “The first one is getting the courage to go out and try it.” Many magicians feel that if they are not perfect, they cannot perform.

Furgason said the second challenge is, “People not seeing the value in what we do. For instance, I was just contacted by an organization and they wanted me to do two shows for an event.”

After five days of no news, the organization informed Furgason that they weren’t going to pay. He said, “I informed them that I’m a professional, this is what I’ve been doing for over twenty years now, and I can’t work for free.”

Mike Super does not work for free either. Tickets cost $7 for BYU-Idaho students and $12 for the general public.

Purchase tickets ahead of time online at the Ticket Office website or in person located in the University Store on the first floor of the Manwaring Center. If there are available seats, tickets can still be bought at the door.


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