For the last two weeks, Feb. 22 and 24 and March 1-3, the American Red Cross was at BYU-Idaho taking volunteers who were willing to donate their blood to help those in need. Students and teachers came to show their support.

“It can seem overwhelming, but it is cool seeing a lot of people coming in and even if it is their first time they will give it a shot, and it helps save people’s lives, ” said Dewey Wrangler, a Red Cross supervisor.

The event was run jointly by Red Cross workers and BYU-I students. Some volunteers wanted to give back to the cause by giving their time to help Red Cross with what was needed.

“At a young age, I was actually given a lot of blood to treat my radiation sickness when I was younger,” said Brett Walund, a junior studying therapeutic recreation.

The event coordinators were happy to see the event come together.

“It’s pretty awesome, stressful sometimes … but it’s been a lot of fun showing some creativity and seeing it all come together, ” said Ashton Ferguson, a senior majoring in Biology.

Those who are interested in donating blood are always welcome. The next Red Cross event will be on May 31, June 2 and June 7-9.