March 20, the designated first day of spring, should mean chirping birds, blue skies and blooming flowers. It seems, however, that Rexburg did not get the memo, as snow flurries and slushy sidewalks greeted students and residents this morning.

With temperatures expected to be as low as 12°F in the upcoming week, it feels as if the city cannot shake the winter blues. However, as people plan activities in the upcoming months, here are three places to visit around Rexburg during spring:

— St. Anthony Sand Dunes

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the sand dunes located north of Rexburg consist of roughly 10,600 acres of white quartz sand and 400-foot dunes. This natural attraction has a lot to offer in warmer months.

From dirt biking to star gazing to camping, this popular spot is a must for those looking for an adventurous outing on a spring day.

Yellowstone Bear World

A few miles from Rexburg sits a drive-thru wildlife adventure that many from around the nation come and see. From amusement rides to driving side-by-side with a grizzly bear, Yellowstone Bear World has a large array of activities that cater to all ages.

According to their website, “Experience the wild like you never have before. Learn more about Bottle-Feeding the cubs, get up-close-and-personal with the guided Wildlife Excursions and take a look at the wildlife action with Bear World videos.”

— Mesa Falls

In the Caribou-Targhee National Forest sits a waterfall split in two. This natural attraction is a popular spot year-round for tourists and locals all around Idaho.

According to Visit Idaho, “At Upper Mesa Falls, a thunderous curtain of water – as tall as a 10-story building – pours over remnants of an ancient volcanic super-eruption. A mile south, Lower Mesa Falls repeats the performance, the river continually chiseling away at the solidified ash and lava.”

Discover the power of nature at Lower and Upper Mesa Falls this spring.

While the winter cold hangs around, usher in the new season by discovering more to do in Rexburg here.