Inside one of the newest buildings on campus, a 200-year-old ceremony takes place. In the Science and Technology building new initiates are taken into a darkened room to become members of the newest engineering society here on campus.

Tau Beta Pi is a prestigious engineering society that recently formed here at BYU-Idaho. With a long process of about 4-5 years, the executive director of Tau Beta Pi, Curtis Gomulinski came all the way from Tennessee to install this newest chapter of Tau Beta Pi.

“It’s the oldest and biggest engineering society in the world and it’s an honors society, so it’s for those that have excelled in engineering,” said Joshua Stiborek, a junior studying mechanical engineering. He is one of the newest initiates to the Tau Beta Pi chapter here at BYU-I.

The process to get into the chapter is rigorous. Only undergraduate students in their junior year whose scholarships place them in the top eighth of their class or undergraduate students who are in their senior year and are in the top fifth of their class are eligible for membership.

During this chapter forming, there were 40 BYU-I students who were able to join.

Gomulinski mentioned that this long awaited Tau Beta Pi chapter will bring many added benefits to the students who have the opportunity to join it.

“It provides networking with peers here, and across the country who are among the top engineering students… Really getting an opportunity to meet some of the best engineers in the country,” Gomulinski said.

After the official ceremony the motto of Tau Beta Pi was read and the chapter leaders here at BYU-I were sworn in.

With the newest formation of Tau Beta Pi and photos to commemorate the initiation into the chapter, students can look forward to the opportunity and benefits that this engineering society will bring.