Two years ago Carson Franklin, a junior studying communication, signed up for a climbing gym because they were having a discount for students. Now climbing is what makes him the happiest.

“Anybody can climb,” Franklin said. “If you can climb a ladder you can start rock-climbing. There’s no type of person or body type. Anybody can do it and you will get better if you stick with it.”

Franklin is constantly pushing himself to be better at climbing.

“Rock-climbing makes me feel accomplished because I wasn’t super good when I started,” Franklin said. “So I get a lot of gratification out of working on a hobby that I’m not naturally talented at.”

Franklin grew up playing lacrosse, a sport where he was able to rely heavily on his teammates. With climbing, he has to rely on his strength. Franklin also loves climbing because it gives him an excuse to be outdoors.

Franklin and his friends go to Moab twice a year for climbing trips. His favorite climbing trip was his first. They slept outside while raining and ate spaghetti with salt and canned potatoes for dinner.

“There were so many things that went wrong on that trip, but we were still able to climb a ton and see a lot of different places,” Franklin said.

Franklin took advantage of his passion for climbing by working at The Edge in Idaho Falls. He has been working there for a year.

“I enjoy helping people start climbing and learning from people who have been climbing a long time,” Franklin said.

Franklin hopes to learn more about the sport and continue to do what he loves while improving.