The fall semester is quickly coming to a close, and creative students in the apparel design major are preparing to showcase the work they have produced over the last three months.

The Breathless Fashion Show is Saturday, Dec. 9 in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center ballroom. The students and faculty organizing the show said it will be a collaboration between many different majors and departments across campus.

In preparation for the show, students in the art department were given the opportunity to sketch the models and the clothing designs to have their work featured on the school website. Applied plant science students decorate the venue with flowers, and the event is catered by students in the family consumer science food classes.

Genet Orme, the faculty professor overseeing the fashion show and the apparel design emphasis, said the fashion show is an opportunity to show the community that modest clothes, in line with Church standards, can be beautiful, and beautiful clothes can be modest.

“We try to tell our students we’re not the only people in the world that dress modestly, that anybody that goes to church on a regular basis has values,” Orme said. “We want them to think of the whole world, not just us. It’s a good thing to come see tasteful, modest clothing that people in the world would wear.”

Tickets to attend the fall fashion show are $3. This price includes admission to the show, along with the catered spread provided by the family consumer science food classes.