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On Sept. 27, I went to hoping to find some news that could enlighten me on what was happening in the world. Instead I found an article entitled, “Keeping up with the Kardashian baby news.”

How come this was the top story I saw when stories like, “A week in, some Puerto Ricans still don’t know if their loved ones are alive,” were almost impossible to access unless I specifically looked for the topic?

As a society, we need to get our priorities straight with media consumption.

In a world where we can get information with just one click of a button, it is important for us to be aware of what information we are putting into our minds.

How come many of us are complaining about why news stories are not what we want to see when we, society as a whole, are what fuels the fire of the media?

I know I have been guilty of filling my mind with news stories that are trivial and do not matter in the whole scheme of things. It is hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind of “did you see what Selena Gomez was wearing at the VMA’s” or “did you hear about the latest scandal from Justin Bieber?”

But the reason why the media is giving us these stories is because we are asking for them.

How many times a day do we actively look out news stories with relevance to natural disasters, politics or the struggles of daily life? Many of us are too intrigued with the lives of television stars to pay attention to what the majority of the society is struggling with. That is why the media is giving us the news that we are getting.

But how can we, as BYU-Idaho students, help keep trivial matters out of the top news and replace them with stories with substance?

We need to start by actively seeking out news with that substance and not giving those trivial stories anymore page views.

While navigating our busy lives, we receive most of our news from Facebook and other social media outlets.

Is this a bad thing? It can be.

It can be if we are limiting our media consumption to only the news we see on social media. However, if we actively seek out news from other outlets, it can diversify the news we are consuming each day.

Next time we get caught up in the commotion of Kardashian baby news, remember the Puerto Ricans do not know if they will ever see their loved ones again.

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