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Editor’s note: Articles submitted by students of Comm 111 class. 

Viewing Jackson from Australia’s View

By Katrina Marsden

Every month, thousands of people flood Jackson Hole to see what it has to offer. They find delicious food, fun outdoor recreational activities, and for Ridge and his grandsons, friendly ground squirrels.

Ridge and his family traveled over eight thousand miles from outside Sydney, Australia to come to the quaint little town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With his popped collar, shorter shorts, cowboy hat and thick Australian accent, it was clear that Ridge was not a local.

Jackson Hole was on their families list of “must see sites”, right up there along with The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, West Yellowstone, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. There is nothing Ridge loves more than seeing the National Parks of America.

Ridge studied political economics and received his Master’s degree there in Australia, so just coming to Jackson and experiencing the beauty of its nature is worthwhile to him. His family jumped on the opportunities in Jackson including hiking the beautiful scenic trails, white water rafting, biking, zip lining, and of course for his wife, shopping.

You don’t have to come from eight thousand miles across the world to experience the beauties of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Take advantage of how close it is for you! Come experience the food. Come experience the breathtaking sites. Come experience various moments that will last a lifetime. Grab your buddies and take a drive to Jackson, because adventure is waiting for you.


By Matthew Humpherys

The air smelled fresh and clean and the sun bathed over Jackson Hole Town square Three vacationers posed underneath the monstrous antler archway while stranger took their picture to document the memories of the occasion. Two of them were married and both were wise looking with their white hair, while one posed with a cute brown bob and a striped shirt.

Lounging about their day in the city center, Kurt and Jen Williams reflected on their plans they had for the week. They’re friend, Sarena had brought them into Jackson Hole to spend their time in the good ol’ wild west and they were sharing a lodge with a couple friends 20 minutes south. They all laughed together as they recounted previous memories they had in the city and one could tell that there was a long history behind their friendship.

Sarena’s son worked in Jackson Hole at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, one of the top attractions in the city. They were currently preforming The Ballad of Cat Ballou. Her eyes lit up whenever she spoke of her 29 year-old son. Kurt and Jen were just along for the scenic ride and show support for their friend.

They spent their week rafting in the wild rapids of the snake river, hiking gorgeous hikes at the base of the Tetons and then hopping on a horseback ride, and overall just taking in the breathtaking sight. “But, what I’m most excited for,” Jen interjected, “Is the rodeo this Wednesday night. It’s always the highlight of the holiday. If there is one thing someone should come and see on their visit here, it’s the rodeo.”


Nothing more ironic than going on a school field trip to Jackson Hole was meeting a gentleman named Jackie- short for Jackson. This was Jackie’s third time visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackie loves the culture and small town feel of this quaint vacation spot. Growing up in a small town of Williston, North Dakota, Jackson Hole allows Jackie to kick back and relax while also feeling at home. When asked about some of his favorite activities to do in Jackson Hole, Jackie said, “I love nature. After touring the town, the very first time, I went and did the Jackson Hole Eco Tour Adventures. You get to tour all of the most popular and scenic parts of the national parks. It’s totally worth it.” If you’re one of those sidewinders that likes to relax the night away, Jackie suggested, “The best place to chill at night and get in a few drinks and a show is the Jackson Hole Playhouse. Everyone dresses up in old western clothing, performs, and makes it a night you’ll remember.” As you can see, Jackson Hole is the place for everyone. However, what makes Jackson Hole so unique? Jackie explained, “Jackson Hole does everything for you. No matter who are or where you’re from, you feel at home. And that is why I keep coming back.”


Dates in Jackson Hole

Snow Skiing at Snow King Mountain

Take your date for brisk, thrilling adventure skiing down Snow King Mountain. The setting sun lighting up the town will set you up for the perfect date.

Star Gazing

It’s FREE! In the fresh mountain range of the Tetons looking up to the evening stars, and clearly see all the constellations you’ve been missing.

Mountain Biking

Go for a bike ride down the Teton Pass trail. A healthy for the environment date.

Paraglide Snow King Mountain

Ready. Set. Jump. If you and your date are more of the adventurous types, get your adrenaline pumping by paragliding off Snow King Mountain.

Cliff jumping and swimming at Phelps lakes

Cool off with your cute date at Phelps lake. Take your first risk together by cliff jumping while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains.


Yippy I-O

When you walk into Yippy I-O, right in the sweet spot of Jackson, you are greeted by a staff that will make you think you grew up with them.  They will offer you samples and Brittany Bohling, employee, with her smile will recommend that you try the famous homemade fudge made by the owner Lynn Jamison.  As you look through all the flavors, from huckleberry to caramel marshmallow flavor she will suggest that you sample the fan-favorite salted caramel fudge.  As you look around you see barrels full of candy which are filled with salt water taffy in every flavor, Root beer barrels and any chocolate treat you can think of.

Not only does it have enough candy to keep the whole family happy, but the environment makes you feel like you are at home, “this is the idea that Lynn has always had in mind,” said Bohling.  Lynn Jamison has owned Yippy I-O for 25 years.  Lynn still makes all of the fudge for her store.

It is easy to see why so many people make Yippy I-O a must-stop on their trips to or through Jackson as Bohling said they have some customers that live out of Wyoming but are regular customers.  You may just find yourself stopping here every time you pass Jackson too.


“John”, A Jackson Hole Story

Jackson Hole is many things to different people. It is a great place to live or to vacation. Some people just stop through, some people like John. John is a friendly, older gentleman from Seattle with Elton John sunglasses and a yellow Hawaiian shirt who preferred to keep things on a first name basis.

He was on a trip to see the Grand Teton National Park. “I was disappointed in the Tetons,” he said. There was a haze covering the area. He asked a ranger when somebody would come in to clean up the fog but the ranger was not sure when it would be gotten rid of. So, after that disappointment, he went to see the famed town of Jackson Hole.

“I had a great dinner last night,” he said with a smile, “At a place called ‘The Gun Barrel’.” He some buffalo, which was similar to beef, but leaner. He also ate some “Rocky Mountain Trout”, as he put it, while up in the Yellowstone area.

While getting dinner, he talked to a waitress who had the time to listen to an older gentleman’s talk of Seattle and their fish. He doesn’t see trout too much on the menu in Seattle. He mostly had Salmon. “You know, I eat Salmon four times a week,” He said. “She kind of looked at me funny and I said, ‘I’m from the Northwest.’” They talked for a good while as he told her stories.

“I like the laidback feeling of Jackson,” John said as he sat by one of the four antler arches in the town square. He loves the old town style and the town square. He felt comfortable there. With the diners and classic style bars, he felt at home.

“It’s a pretty little town,” He said. Jackson Hole is many things to different people. To John, it was a reminder of the good old days and the simple things of life.


Jackson in a Jiffy

Jackson, Wyoming is a strange western town visited by hundreds of tourists daily. As you take a stroll through downtown, it’s hard not to be bewildered by the paradox of a town that prides itself in maintaining its roots while constantly adapting to bring a greater number of tourists. It’s a fascinating place to visit and can serve as a brief pitstop on the way to the Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks.

Although this town has several hours’ worth of things to do, many may only be stopping briefly on their way to their final destination. There’s a few key landmarks the locals recommend seeing if your time in Jackson is short. These range from places to get information, to places to find food, to

Start with the visitor’s center. Besides having helpful maps and some surprisingly in-depth and interesting exhibits, the staff are locals who want nothing more than to help. They’ll help you find places to stay, sights to see, and things to eat.

Speaking of where to eat, you have more options than you can probably count. If you’re in the mood for pizza, there’s a unique option in the form of an old theatre-turned-restaurant called Hand Fire Pizza. If you’re in the mood for American food, try Liberty Burgers. There’s also a Mexican restaurant call Three Piglets should you want something slightly more exotic.

Many locals say the ski resort, called Snow King, provides many attractions that can be experienced in an hour or two. These include a mountain slide, several rides, and a short (but beautiful) hike. No matter your interests, these suggestions should help you plan your pitstop in the town of Jackson.


“There is not a better place for a Honeymoon than Jackson, right honey?”, said a smiling Janeth, as she glanced at the beautiful Teton Mountains.

Janeth and Martha got married on Friday, July 6th in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“We were so excited to go on our honeymoon that we barely packed,” laughed Martha. According to this newly-wed couple, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a unique paradise surrounded by mountains.

One can find peace and serenity while enjoying fun things to do. “You can go to Yellowstone, and the Grand Teton National Park in less than a week! How fun!” said Janeth while pointing a map that she found at the Starbucks café across the street.


Stones from around the world

By Savannah Perschon

Fine jewelry with stones from around the world are lined up inside of glass cases. The lighting accentuates the preciseness of the hand-crafted jewelry.

38 years ago, Ronnie founded Teton Jewelry as a newly-wed and the business has only grown. Teton Jewelry, which began as one store, has now grown into five with all of them located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Ronnie and his wife travel the world together to collect the beautiful stones that are used in their jewelry. Pearls are from the South Pacific and colored stones are from South America and Europe. This year alone, they have traveled to China, Greece, Israel, and Paris to collect the precious stones.

The unique stones and hand-crafted jewelry bring diversity to the small town of Jackson Hole. Ronnie and his wife love where they live and even more, what they do.


Jackson Hole tourists

By Karly Parker Farley

It is a typical summer day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The air is warm and teeming with excitement as tourists and locals bustle along the sidewalks and through iconic gift shops. Near the center of it all stands Penny and Galen Bogard, a married couple in their late sixties from Baird, Texas. Galen’s white hair seemed to glisten in the bright summer sun as the sun’s rays shone overhead. They were stopping through Jackson Hole while on their way to Alaska as one of their “bucket list deals,” as Galen calls it. “Better do it before we get much older,” he mentioned amid laughter.

The couple plan to drive a total of 11,000 miles in their truck with a special kind of “teardrop” trailer. They refer to it as “glamping,” or glorified camping. After six years of providing care to their family members, the retired couple decided they deserved some vacation time alone with each other.

Penny mentioned that they were staying at a camp off of the Green River, an hour south of Jackson. They plan on driving around to see a variety of the wildlife before visiting some of their friends in Sandpoint, Idaho. This adventurous couple seemed to have a full itinerary for their stay in the area, and you could sense their excitement as they described each detail.

When asked if they would change anything about their vacation, they responded that they wish they would have researched free RV and camp sites prior to leaving. As they prefer to “stay off the beaten path,” it would have been favorable for them to camp at one of the many free campsites that the state has to offer. The lively couple, eager to get to their next destination, set off into the bustle of the crowds and onto the next part of their adventure in Jackson.


JACKSON, WY—On a partly cloudy and 87-degree day, a window display on Center Street catches the eyes of passerbyers. A furry bikini and furry jock strap barely clothed the mannequins behind the tall paneled glass.

Peeking inside The Alaska Fur Gallery, one is pleasantly greeted by an attractive Puerto Rican man. Coming to about 5’7” with jet black lashes, eyebrows and hair, and a wicked accent, his white teeth flashed behind a smile with every word.

“Silvio,” he introduced himself, “Those pieces are great conversation starters,” he remarked in response to the customer’s levity about the unique clothing in the display.

He had recently moved from Alaska two weeks ago. “I haven’t had much time to explore around here yet. I finish working, get dinner, then am ready to head home for the day.”

He explained that he worked for The Alaska Fur Gallery in Alaska for three months before moving to Wyoming, and before Alaska, he worked for the same company on Main Street in Park City, Utah.

“They move me all over,” he stated, “But I’m restless—bored easily. I can’t stay in the same place for too long,” he added with a devilish smile.

“My favorite restaurant here is Hatch,” he concluded, “They serve authentic, homemade, organic Mexican food. The tortillas are all made in the restaurant, too. You can tell when they’re home made.” he grinned with the mention.


Jackson Hole Wyoming

By J.A. Bañez

Andrea Rico, an Art Consultant at Heather James Fine Art gallery, fell in love with Jackson Hole, Wyoming and decided to stay after spending one summer there.

“This place is so magical, and I am never leaving,” Ms. Rico said.

Ms. Rico has been living in Jackson Hole for about three years. She is from New York, and she moved to Jackson Hole upon request of her boss to help at their art gallery during the summer, which is at the height of their sales season.

“I think it’s really special that we’re able to have this caliber of an art gallery that has Andy Warhol, Picasso, Calder … such a wide range of important artists,” Ms. Rico said. “[It’s] really unique for the west.”

“The fact that I can work in this type of environment and then live in this state of natural beauty [with] so much access to nature … is a complete 180 from where I was before,” she continued.

Ms. Rico says that the Grand Teton Music Festival is a must. She also recommends Teton Tiger and Thai Plate to those in search of a delicious meal while visiting town. She endorses the mountain resorts of Jackson Hole for winter adventures, as she herself is an avid downhill skier.


50-Year-Old Flowers

For part-time residents of Jackson Hole Wyoming like Sallie Ausley, coming into JH Flower Boutique is one of the first stops when arriving. The sweet smell of the shop, a combination of fresh flowers and essence candles, is only part of the reason residents of Jackson Hole Wyoming keep coming to JH Boutique.

Ausley said JH boutique is the best place to get fresh plants and flowers in Jackson hole. Coming now for the past decade, Ausley has personally gotten to know both Monica and Dmitri, the owners of JH Flower Boutique and the mission this boutique shop shares with both Wyoming and the World.

“It all starts with fresh flowers,” said leading florist, Katy Witz. Witz said the process involves the arrangement of flowers which includes picking a flower type, a vase, decorating the vase and getting everything just right for the occasion. The process is very intensive said and requires the correlation of both the customer and of JH Boutique. Witz said the Boutique works with all occasions and all price ranges which allows customers to come in and get a gift at a price they can afford.

Monica and Dmitri first founded JH Flower Boutique when they took over a previous flower boutique, Cher-Al Floral which had been in the area since 1956. To both Monica and Dmitri owning a floral shop in Jackson Hole comes with both a desire to give out a good service and a desire to continue the traditions of owners who owned the flower shop before them.

“We sell more than just flowers and flower supplies…we help the people in and out of Jackson Hole in their most private and intimate occasions,” said Dmitri. To both Monica and Dmitri, JH Boutique is a legacy for those in Jackson Hole and a history for anyone who visits.

Dmitri said the flower shop has been in the Jackson Hole area for more than 60 years and intends on continuing the tradition. It is a shop which builds upon the mission and desires of previous owners. For Dmitri and Monica JH Boutique is a service to the community.


Savannah Harker’s Home away from Home

By Mayli Murdock

Four-years-ago, Savannah Harker, the upstairs retail manager at Lee’s T’s, made the trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming in the hopes of finding a place to work to make money for her education. Savannah wanted to stay out of debt, so she hunted for a job that would allow her to make good money to deal with the high cost of school.

After searching through her different options, she turned to Jackson. Not only did Jackson have some of the highest pay she could find in the west, it had also been home to many of her ancestors for many generations. It only seemed right that she returned to the home of those who came before her.

As a child, Jackson was Savannah’s home away from home, while her family visited Jackson. Her family had a summer home in Jackson, where they would take five months out of the year to visit and spend time in the town and park.

In 2014, when she made the decision to move to Jackson, her extended family living in Jackson welcomed her with open arms into their homes and the town they called home.

Being in Jackson, Savannah enjoys the summers and all the activities available for those visiting and the individuals living in the town. With the love for outdoors she enjoys anything from hiking to boating. Savannah has found joy in these activities and the people in Jackson.

While the winters are rough, with the heavy snow fall and icy roads, Savanah would never change her decision to live and work in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The place she calls home.


They say every community has its own story;

Jackson, Wyoming is no exception. This small,

Western Wyoming town, nestled into the Tetons,

packs a punch high above its weight class.

Jackson, a small town of ten thousand, is a mere

seven minutes from Grand Teton National Park and

90-minutes from Yellowstone National Park.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the

winter and vibrant greenery in the summer,

attractions range anywhere from snow skiing to

hiking trails.

With so much to do in each season, we scoured the

valley to collect the best tips, tricks and to-do’s.


R. Scott Nickell wasn’t even the tiniest bit thrilled about his birthday gift when his wife told him what is was.

For a geophysicist who worked in the oil industry in Fort Worth, Texas, the gift of a two-day workshop in sculpture seemed rather odd. He originally told his wife “I’m not going to that”, to which she replied that “It’s already paid for, so you kinda have to”.  Since sculpting and engineering deal with plotting out the process he quickly found that “sculpting became a peaceful hobby”.

Well, that hobby quickly turned into “sculpting full time” after he sold a bronze sculpture, “Cowboy on A Horse”, to a woman who had just recently bought an art gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He would do the research for the Native American sculptures, and his attention to detail is impeccable “thanks to too many engineering classes.”

The beadwork done on his bronze Native American sculptures was originally done with poppy seeds that he had to patiently “organize by size and shape” which “took forever”. Finally, Nickell found small enough beads that he used to add those details into

R. Scott Nickell’s sculptures of Native Americans became popular and in high demand, and so he ended up moving to Jackson and made his own gallery in 1992, that stuck around for a little while, before joining the West Lives On Gallery.

West Lives On Gallery is just off the square makes it so he “gets the art buyers, but no little kids with ice-cream cones”.


Walking through the doors, one would be greeted by TV screens showing skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and surfers performing unbelievable tricks. Death-defying drops, flips left and right and just general good times flash across the screen behind the man at the counter; the one came to Jackson Hole, Wyoming “to ski pow.” His dirty-blond hair, slightly messy and thrown in a backward-facing hat, gives off the nonchalant vibes the surround any kind of ski or beach bum. He tilts his head up, acknowledging anyone who enters and throws out a “How’s it going?”

Max is an employee at the Teton Gravity Research (TGR) shop in town. TGR is a film company that produces ski, snowboard, mountain bike, and surf movies annually, selling their movies and various merchandise in the heart of Jackson.

Max explained that TGR not only provides merchandise and movies for those who are avid adventurers themselves, but “[they] provide people with unique experiences that they don’t get to have anywhere else.”

Although there is a stigma of millionaires and retired folks living in Jackson, Max shared the fact that the ‘Dirtbag Dream,’ or those with less income living in a community like this, is still alive.

“Living here has made me more self-reliant. If you want to live here you have to be willing to work, possibly even two jobs, in order to keep up with the millionaires. The Dirtbag Dream is definitely alive here, you just have to really want it,” he said.

Max’s insight on the low-income point of view of Jackson Hole portrayed a welcome to anyone willing to push past the difficult and take that leap of faith into the unknown as those who work for TGR do every time they go out on the mountain or the surf.


What to know about Jackson

Many films have been shot at Jackson Hole, including Rocky IV and Django Unchained.


  • Every March, Jackson Hole holds it’s annual Jackson Hole Rendezvous music festival. With a variety of music performances from rock, country, Americana, and many more. The 2018 lineup included bands: Portugal. The Man, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Mavericks… etc.
  • Jackson Hole Airport, JAC, holds the most stellar scenic views during take-off and landing, with up-close rocky ranges. It is the only airport in the United States that is located in a national park. You wouldn’t want to miss this scenic chance for your IG story!
  • Though celebrity figures like Matthew McConaughey, Clint Eastwood, and Sandra Bullock may be welcome as Wyomingites, rapper Kanye West is not as welcome to Jackson Hole anymore. After hosting one of Kanye’s low-key listening parties, Diamond Cross Ranch owner Golliher spoke of West as a confusing and indecisive with his event. There were many noise complaints, and Kanye had harshly underpaid the ranch for their issues.

Food – Savannah

  • You cannot go to Jackson Hole without trying a Buffalo Burger. “The Local” has one of the best Buffalo Burgers in town where you can also relax and watch the everyday activities in town square!

How to Make Jackson Hole a Perfect Date-kaeti

Snow Skiing at Snow King Mountain
Take your date for brisk, thrilling adventure skiing down Snow King Mountain. The setting sun lighting up the town will set you up for the perfect date.

Star Gazing
Its FREE! In the fresh mountain range of the Tetons looking up to the evening stars, and clearly see all the constellations you’ve been missing.

Mountain Biking
Go for a bike ride down the Teton Pass trail. A healthy for the environment date.

Paraglide Snow King Mountain
Ready. Set. Jump. If you and your date are more of the adventurous types, get your adrenaline pumping by paragliding off Snow King Mountain.

Cliff jumping and swimming at Phelps lakes
Cool off with your cute date at Phelps lake. Take your first risk together by cliff jumping while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains.


 Jackson Hole Toy Store

The Jackson Hole Toy Store is a toy store that even adults can enjoy, and the owner, Corey Cook, encourages a “hands on” approach. Cook suspects that the future of retail is in the hands-on experience and decided to model his store after Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. Cook doesn’t spend money on advertisement, trusting in word of mouth to spread his business because Cook feels advertising is a waste of money. He believes that money is better spent improving the inventory and customer experience, and that that will encourage word to spread. Cook wants the children and the parents to play with the toys, and there are many toys scattered throughout the store. Cook made a goal to carry toys from all over the world and has been successful in that endeavor. Cook’s favorite toy is called the Neft Block, it’s from Europe, and it retails for about $200. There are only 8 carriers of it in America, and Cook is proud to be one of them. The best aspect of the store and what makes it fun for adults, is the wireless shooting gallery. It is the only one in existence, and it is very well done and reasonably priced. A round of 100 will cost $5 and the experience is worth it. Animatronic animal heads are displayed around the store, and they come to life when you hit the target beneath them. In addition to the animals, there are cans on strings that explode into the air when you hit the target, and many other fun and interesting effects that you can discover as you wander around the merchandise.


JL Photo Group

By: Kayla Diuguid

“Photography allows me to express myself, by capturing life’s moments, because the moments will never happen again.”-Justin Lazarri

18-year-old Justin Lazarri started his own photography business in the summer of 2017 leading up to his senior year. Just leave it at summer of 2017?

Justin’s passion came to in his Audio/Video Class during Junior year. The summer after, he invested in a brand new DSLR camera. He said getting that camera was, “the tip of the iceberg, that is what really kicked off [his] photography career.”

Justin decided to pursue photography because he found something that he was good at and passionate about.

His senior year was one that focused on getting his business off the ground and turning to social media influencers for inspiration and advice. He used many of his peers to build up his portfolio and is now able to charge up to $300 for a four-hour session.

In addition to graduating, Justin created a vast social media platform in which he is able to share his photography.

His business, which is mainly portrait photography, has recently moved from Houston, Texas to Raleigh, North Carolina for his college education.

Justin’s story of starting off his business in high school is an inspiration. It is a sign that setting the mind to something, no matter how young, that that dedication will lead them to success in the end.

Justin’s website is http://jlphotogroup.com


Ezra, the Manager at the White Buffalo Hotel, first came to Jackson in back in 2002 to open the Teton Village Resort with his mom who was later the founder at the Four Seasons. “Before coming here, I had no idea how to ski or snowboard.” Said Ezra, “Moving here made me love the outdoors even more and I have an increased love for wildlife.” He recommended that before you arrive at Jackson Hole, you need to look at what kind of housing the place has to offer.


Founded by Rachel Stam 22 years ago, Knit and Pearl, sitting on the corner at 145 W. Gill Ave, bursts with hundreds of types and colors of yarn, potential miles worth of textile creativity.

Carolyn Little, from New Jersey, began working at Knit and Pearl when she and her husband moved to Jackson—his home town—ten years ago.

“I love working in the knitting store—talking to people from all over the world, finding out where they’re from and what makes them tick,” Little said. “It’s really fun.”

While she doesn’t feel like Jackson’s road structures are adequate for the 9 million tourists that pass through the 10,000 person city, she said that their little store has no lack of business during the summer months.

“Most knitting stores have a relaxing summer, because who wants to be knitting in the summer?” Little said. “But since so much of our business is tourists, we see a lot of people who want to buy a skein of yarn in lieu of a T-shirt as a souvenir.”

She said that while she misses the big city of New Jersey and the ease of getting cheap ethnic food elsewhere, she has come to love Jackson as home.

“It’s been an extraordinary place to raise my son who is 16 and a mountain-man; he takes every inch of advantage of this place, and its really fun to see him grow and thrive in a mountain environment.”


Jewels, Bears and Ghosts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

By Marie Smurthwaite

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a small jewelry shop sits between two bigger stores on Cache Street. It’s easy to miss, especially since the hand-fired pizza parlor is just ahead of it. Inside is a man named Ronnie who came here because as he says, “I’m a Christian and it just seemed right.”

However, something in his eyes says that’s not the whole story.

Ronnie’s bright blue eyes and white hair make him look like a mountaineer in an old musical about the Wild West. He’s a short man, and he’s the only one in the store. He married a flight attendant; it feels like she flew away without him.

It’s a jewelry shop, but in the middle of the shed-sized space a half-molded clay bear rears up on hind legs. It’s a remarkable sculpture; it looks like a Native-American wood carving. Photographs of bears decorate the walls. Ronnie said that before he shot bears with a camera, he used a gun. The clay bears’ paws reach out towards the door, almost like he wants to leave that little shop and go somewhere.

If you’re ever in Jackson Hole, go look in Ronnie’s Jewelry shop. Be sure to say hello to the clay bear. As you begin to leave, you might extend your hand for a handshake, but Ronnie’s arms go up for a hug. You’re strangers, but as he hugs you it seems he’s embracing something from his past. As you walk out the door, glance back and you’ll catch him staring past you, past his shop, to another time.

There’s plenty to see and do in Jackson Hole. There are big, corporate owned stores with overpriced, imported souvenirs. And underneath all that, there are people like Ronnie, who actually live and breathe there.


George never saw himself in the knife making business, but he loved being there. About four years ago, George had gotten out of service in the coast guard. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life at that point, so when a friend came to him and asked him to move to Jackson Hole to work with him he decided to give it a try. So, He started work at New West Knife Co.  When George started there, he had no idea how to work with metal, but after a lot of work and practice he began to figure it out.

New West Knife Works is a company that was started 20 years ago by a man named Kory. Kory had a dream to make his own business, so he began to make knives in his garage. Once people started to see the quality of his knives he began to grow larger and larger until he could get his own shop. He has been making knives and growing his business ever since

They specialize in kitchen knives that come in all shapes and sizes. But they do also make some “toys” as they call them. Ornate knives, hatchets, each beautifully designed and made from raw materials. He said that to make one of the kitchen knives it usually takes about 24-30 hours of work the longest part being the adhesive on the handle drying. However, in order to produce one of their specialty knives or hatchets it’s a much longer process taking anywhere from 40 to 120 hours of work time. While this may seem like a long time just to make a knife the end result speaks for itself.


The mountains are a’ calling

By Brenna Scribner

When the mountains call to you heed the command, and find yourself a store that will have all the necessities you need to make that calling possible. That would be Teton Mountaineering, located at 170 North Cache in, Jackson, WY.

Teton Mountaineering store website motto is “From climbing the Grand to a cute little black dress for your Jackson formal event–we have the gear and clothing you need.” This store specializes in selling men and women’s outdoor clothing, camping gear, mountaineering gear, as well as climbing gear.

Since 1971, Teton Mountaineering has been serving not only tourists, but passionate and intense local mountaineerings who come in looking for the latest gear to help pursue their hobby.

Morgan Wallace is a current college student at Wakes Forest University and is now on summer break. As a typical college student might do, she decided to come back home to what is now a suburb of Jackson Hole to work for the summer. She was hired at Teton Mountaineering and has been working there for two days.

She thoroughly enjoys the atmosphere of Jackson Hole and the beautiful scenery surrounding it. She understands why the great outdoors is such a popular activity and hobby for locals and tourists there in, Jackson, Wyoming.

Teton Mountaineering is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

If you have any questions or want to find more information about what this business is all about, contact Teton Mountaineering by phone at (307) 733-3595 or by email “info@tetonmtn.com”.


By Karmoni Toone

Jackson Hole was once a small quiet town. It’s bustling and busy streets were once quiet townsfolk. The antler arches a small landmark next to the parks that surround Jackson Hole. Every year since, Jackson Hole has been demanding the attention of tourists. Now there’s more than just small private owned businesses and townsfolk. Now it’s a bucket list for several tourists.

Right off the main street of Jackson Hole, is a small little corner full of shops. A turquoise sign with white lettering will catch anyone who is wandering around. The sign reads CRAZY HORSE, but right underneath are the words Authentic Indian Jewelry. This small colorful store is a family owned business. All the jewelry is completely authentic and gets shipped from New Mexico and Arizona. The store manager has several connections and will go and gather these precious gems and sell them right there in Jackson.

However, it wasn’t always like this for this quaint store. The business owners grew up in Jackson, and have seen every year get busier and busier. Talking with them, they were extremely friendly, knowing that tourists come and go every day. If you stay long enough to look at their small animal figurines and gemstones, they’ll tell you about the ski lifts, the hikes, and the best ice cream in town. They’ll tell you the community and acceptance in Jackson Hole. And that’s why they stay, that’s why they keep their family business there. Jackson may get busier each year, but the community is worth it.


The Spirit of Jackson

By Kati Terry

“Jackson Hole isn’t the end destination; it’s a stepping stone to where you really want to be,” stated Michael Morris, 54.

Morris has visited Jackson eight times in his lifetime and plans to come back. Although the town itself is not his preferred vacation spot, he made it clear that Jackson has a lot to offer and it is worth the trip.

Years ago as a young teen, Morris first visited Jackson, and has returned several times since. Although the town has grown, he shared that the basic look and spirit of Jackson has stayed very much the same.

Morris believes that the true excitement is what surrounds Jackson, but he did say there is something in the town for everyone while they visit.

Morris shared his appreciation for Jackson’s large variety of food, live shows, and entertainment, specifically mentioning the Stagecoach Bar, which is the perfect place for “good food and a good time.”

“The shopping is my least favorite,” Morris joked. “The real fun is when you get outside the town and do the hiking trails, river rafting, or see the Teton National Park.”

Morris further explained that Jackson has some of the best river rafting in the country, which is always his first priority when he visits. The surrounding mountains provide several hikes leading to incredible views, as well as a tram for those who would rather “sit their way up,” he also noted.

“Everyone should come to Jackson,” Morris said. “But more importantly, everyone should take advantage of the beauty that surrounds it.”


In the middle of Jackson Hole there is a park with antler arches at the entrances. There are statues, drinking fountains, benches and cute little chipmunk running around. Tourists weave in and out of the critters and statues. There are so many tourists. But what brings them to Jackson?

Rachel and her husband Tod are among these tourists in the park and plan on staying for the week. They live in Arizonan, but they originally come from the eastern states.

Rachel said that the surroundings reminded her of home with all the tress and the greenery. “We have just been enjoying the grass and the trees and the view.” she said.

They came for two reasons, to visit the national parks and to take pictures of the sensory. They have already gone to the Tetons and plan on going back and exploring Yellowstone and some of the other national parks that are in the area.

“If you come here, you have to go to all of the national parks around,” Tod said.

The thing that makes the trip for them was watching the sunrise at Mormon Row.  “This is one of the reasons that we came up, I mean I do not do photography my husband does, but I enjoyed the beautiful view so much,” Rachel said.

Their advice to anyone would be to make it to the Tetons, or watch the sun rise over Mormon Row.