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“It’s his work, our ideas,” said Terry Wilson, a senior studying art.

Kody Keller’s sculpture students presented their final projects in a pop-up show at The Basement on June 16. Their final project was to create a show, complete with a title and theme, find a venue and curate it themselves.

“We came up with the idea of finding the fine line of plagiarism and copying,” Wilson said. “We basically lied to him and told him that we were doing a portrait, so we told him to make a mold of his head, and while he did that, we all took his sculptures and made molds of them, then recreated them all in our own specific style.”

Every student wore stickers donning fake names similar to Keller’s.

“These are his pieces of art still, so we try to stay as close to his art as possible because it’s not fully our stuff,” Wilson said, presenting under the name Toby Teller.

The students even went so far as to recreate the environment of Keller’s ceramic studio, playing the same podcasts he listens to and projecting his Pinterest boards on a blank wall.

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