Battle of the Bands takes on ‘Star Wars’ theme


Audience members at the Battle of the Bands used their voices to choose one of the seven bands competing to win Nov.10’s competition.

Zach Morris, a junior studying computer information technology, worked as a manager for Battle of the Bands. Morris said he and his team have prepared all semester for the event. They began setting the stage on Thursday.

Morris said when he heard “Battle of the Bands” he had an image of the “Star Wars: A New Hope” movie poster in his head.

“It was Battle of the Bands, and he thought of battle like ‘Star Wars,’ all the battles coming into that. So he got inspiration out of the movies,” said Katy Sykes, a senior studying communications and a talent activities coordinator.

Morris said he wanted to create a connection between the movies and the event. The posters and shirt were designed to resemble a “Star Wars” movie poster.

“I thought it would be cool to switch it to be a Battle of the Bands instead of ‘Star Wars’ cause everyone knows ‘Star Wars,’ and they connect the two and think, ‘This is going to be cool.’”

Ryan Sandberg, a junior studying health science, said his band, Not Incapable, created a theme of their own. Sandberg said they choose to wear the Batman shirts to connect to the song they played, “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal.

Danny Hardisty, a sophomore study communication and a guitarist for Not Incapable, said even though the band did not win they had a good time.

“We had fun there,” Hardisty said. “I really like the way we all play together and work together. We practiced all the time for this show. We put a lot of time into it, and I’m glad we did.”