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Be excited for the call, wherever you go


Let me take you back to July 9, 2010.

I was sitting in the recliner in the corner of my living room, which is the lazy version of the talking stick for my family.

I had my family there with me.

It was warm, and the light was shining through the window on me, lighting the white envelope in my
hand. The contents of that envelope would determine the following two years of my life.

I opened it, and I’ll admit, I looked straight at where my call was before I read it, but I tried not to show the excitement in my face before I read it
so no one would know I cheated.

West Virginia Charleston. I would report to the Missionary Training Center on Sept. 29 of that year.

I was excited. People would ask me where I would be going and be ser excited to hear where my mission would be.

I’d say where I was going, and instantly I’d see their eyes drop and they’d fake excitement for me.

Even friends that weren’t members of the Church would do that. I’ll admit, I personally didn’t even know West Virginia had its own mission, and my call wasn’t to Russia like I was

Many others, like myself, have had mission calls to places that their peers are less than excited about.

Sometimes even we aren’t excited about it.

However, whether we serve in West Virginia, Idaho, Utah or somewhere else around the world, it is still the Lord’s work.

I want to be absolutely clear: The call to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a call from God, no matter where that call takes you.

For those of you with less-than-exciting mission calls, please look forward to it and work hard when you get there, or you’ll regret it.

For those who have returned, be sensitive and sportive towards them.

If you are called to Salt Lake City, you’re going to teach more than most missionaries.

Not only that, but you’ll have sport from members and most of the time be fed most of your meals by members.

You learn to really appreciate a home-cooked meal when you’re hundreds of miles from home.

If your call is Boise, then you’re going to have a huge sport gro of members and a lot of member missionary work.

If it’s California, then you’re going to have no shortage of people to talk to.

If it’s South America, you’re going to learn a language and have experiences that are rare for those serving in the states.

Please work hard.

Look forward to it.

It will be the best time of your life.

Everyone says that, but that’s because everyone really does have the best time of their lives.


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