The Comic Book Workshop is valuable to those who want to learn about the history of comic books and how to create or improve them. The workshop is available on Wednesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Jacob Spori Building, room 136.

On April 8, the class started out with a brief lesson by Jarod Huckabay, a sophomore majoring in general studies, where he taught about the history of comic books and the different aspects of drawing.

Huckabay told the story of Superman as he smiled and gestured his hands around. He explained how Superman was a different character with different aspects and abilities.

After his lesson, Huckabay talked to each student to see if he could help with any obstacles. Many students started to practice drawing characters, getting new ideas for comics and chatting with others.

“I like comic books because there’s a large variety, and have an interesting history that goes along with them,” said Elise Claudy, a freshman studying English education.

According to Illustration History, comic books started in the 1800s when political cartoons were being published. Later on, they became books with original cartoons. In 1938, cartoons started to have superheroes in their stories. The first comic book was The Yellow Kid in McFadden’s Flats, where it featured black and white reprints of some popular newspaper comic strips.

DC comics created the first monthly comic book which debuted Superman and Batman. A year later, Marvel comics came into the comic world, introducing Human Torch, Angel and Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

“There’s the 90s crash of the comic book industry, where people went crazy to buy comic books to make a quick buck,” Huckabay said. In 1996, people produced comic books, sold collectors editions and had an excess of merchandise causing a downfall in sales and prices, which caused the bankruptcy of Marvel comics.

There’s a long history of how comic books influenced the past and will influence the future. Today, many of the comic book characters are coming to life, such as Avengers, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and many more. Those who grew up reading comic books under their sheets at night get to live out their inner childhood with the movies.

The Comic Book Workshop can help anyone who wants to learn more about comic books and how to draw them.