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It was built in the late 1800’s, this mill began as a flour mill, but transformed over time

“It stopped milling flour during the depression. Then my dad turned it into more of a farm service centre,” said Dennis Biggs, the founder of the haunted Mill. “After that it ran for that for several years selling fertilizer and feed and chemicals. Different things the farmers would use to grow crops. Then when he passed away then there were some things that were wrong with the mill it, as far as the water wheel went bad on it, so we decided to turn it into the haunted attraction it is.”

The idea to transform it into a haunted mill came when Briggs asked his two sons if they wanted a real scare after going through the haunted forest.

“I took them to the top of the mill and told them to find there way down and while they were on their way down I hid in places and scared them all the way down. After we got through they says man this is the best, this is the best, lets turn it into a haunted thing,” said Briggs.

Members of the family help keep the mill running as they help with ideas to create a scarier mill. However,  some of the ideas throughout the mill were inspired from an actual event that took place in that area.

“We wanted the characters to be similar to things that relate to the mill like the gunny sac man. Some of the things, like the lady in white, had a granddaughter that was working on the second floor at one time and she claimed she’d seen this white figure and she knew it was a woman. It just scared her she wont even work there anymore. Then there was a person that had died, last name was a Fulmer that my dad had fished out of the canal out here,” said Briggs. “Why we set certain things was there was lots of natural spider webs down in the one spot and so, because there was so many natural spider webs we wanted to leave them and just added some fake ones to it. Then we put some spiders in there, some that move. “

Now the mill tries to stay away from the scary you find in other places.

“We try to keep away from the things that the televisions already re-created. So we kind of come with our own ideas,” said Briggs

The  mill runs from late September to Halloween.

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