As the semester is coming to an end, students can reflect on the devotionals they have heard this fall semester, pull inspiration from some of the best quotes from this semester’s devotionals.

Some of the best quotes given by President Henry B. Eyring during his inauguration inspired students in the beginning of the semester.

“You are to place the Lord Jesus Christ, whose school this is, at the heart of your service. His purposes are to be yours, as nearly as you can discern them; His light, the beacons to guide your feet; and His love, your source of courage, confidence and motivation.

Devotional - Elder Dale G. Renlund

Elder Renlund and Sister Renlund stand together and speak at BYUI devotional. Photo by Garrett Blanchard


Elder Dale G. Renlund Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gives a motivational quote from his talk about burdens.

“We all carry burdens. We may be burdened with sin, sorrow, addiction, sickness, guilt or shame. In these difficulties, looking to Christ brings healing and hope and consolation.

Sister Ruth Renlund, wife of Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles quote on faith and repentance.

“As we exercise faith, it grows stronger. As we continually seek to repent, we improve. We can, through our own efforts, progress from having occasional experiences with the Holy Ghost to having Him as a constant companion. As we go through life, we can learn of Christ’s attributes and develop these same qualities. As we become more and more like Christ, our hearts are changed, and we are able to endure to the end.”

Devotional - Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker gives a moving Devotional talk and shares some personal stories. 2017


Sister Melanie Walker, the Facilities Services Manager for BYU-Idaho quotes on experiencing hardships and obstacle is something all students relate to.

“Brothers and sisters, our lives are meant to be full of weaknesses, hardships, and trials, but we always have a choice to make them our stumbling blocks or our stepping-stones.”


BYU-Idaho Fall Semester Devotional. Speaker Patrick Powell. Oct 2017


Brother Patrick Powell, Training and Development Coordinator’s quote on hardships. reminds students there is a reason for everything.

“Surely, bumps and bruises will come. But that will not be a sign that our Heavenly Father does not exist or does not love us. He does exist and will be there for us and will comfort, teach, and encourage us and help us to develop into beings like Him.”

Devotional - M. Joseph Brough

M. Joseph Brough, Second Counselor of the Young Men’s General Presidency, speaks at BYU-Idaho Devotional. 2017 Photo by Garrett Blanchard


Brother M. Joseph Brough, Second Counselor in the Young Men General Presidency shows students the importance of knowledge and listening to the words of the prophet.

“We must understand that our knowledge falls short of what is best for us and best for others. If we do trust in Him, what a wonderful promise He bestows: He will direct our paths.“There is one clear voice of warning that we must always heed. That voice comes from the Lord’s chosen apostles and prophets. It might not be popular by the world’s standards. It might be only a small twig or a whole tree that they are dragging across the road.”

Devotional - Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris, a Home and Family faculty member, speaks about spiritual connections at Devotional. 2017


Sister Wendy Harris, Home & Family Faculty talks about struggles students face with technology in the Church.

“You cannot connect to the Spirit during the presentation of the sacrament while looking at or sending a message on your smartphone or your tablet. This connection requires the Light of Christ, settling from your minds into your hearts with burning love and devotion.

“We sense the Spirit of the Lord in the grandeur of nature.”

Devotional - Tyler Barton

Tyler Barton, of the Student honor office, speaks about contention at Devotional. 2017


Brother Tyler Barton, Student Honor Administrator speaks on the issues that many students face today.

“We live in a time where contention rages and, unfortunately, has become the norm. Not accomplished so much with swords and shields or other weapons of war, as in the past, it largely happens because we have the ability to communicate instantly with friends, family, strangers, and enemies.”