Bureau of Land Management law enforcement officers seized hundreds of illegal fireworks over this 4th of July holiday.

In an official press release, the BLM said most of the fireworks were confiscated along Red Rock road near the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

“This is disappointing not only because all fireworks are prohibited on BLM lands, but because that area is highly susceptible to wildfire,” said Jeremy Casterson, Upper Snake Field Manager for the BLM.

The 2018 Fire Prevention Order clearly prohibits the use and possession of fireworks on any BLM land in the state of Idaho. The restrictions on fireworks go along with other preventive measures for fires from May 10 through Oct. 20.

The BLM would like to remind those “who knowingly and willfully performs any act restricted by the Fire Prevention Order could be subject to a fine and held responsible for fire suppression and/or rehabilitation cost.”