Body of BYU-Idaho student who drowned located


Officials located the body of the BYU-Idaho student who drowned in the Teton River during a float trip with his friends on June 14.

According to, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office said recovery teams located the body of Calvin Willie, of Malad, Idaho, a freshman studying agribusiness Monday morning.

Rescue crews spent over a week looking for his body. Specific details of where he was located have not been released, according to

Rescue crews suspected Willie became trapped at the bottom of a diversion dam in an undercurrent after fighting against water flow and debris for nearly an hour, Jean-Luc Lazoore, a sophomore studying international studies, who was floating with Willie, told the Scroll.

Those with Willie risked their own lives to pull him from the water, becoming trapped themselves.

“Cal yelled for help once and that’s when Michael Fowler and Robby Wary really took charge,” Lazoore said. “Robby decided he was going to go in after him (Cal) with the tube tied to a rope.”

Wray entered into the water above the falls and floated towards the diversion dam. Seconds before going over the falls, Willie was pulled under the water and did not resurface.

Wray spent 10 minutes looking for Willie before Fowler, a freshman studying business, began pulling him out with the rope and tube.

“He almost died trying to save Cal’s life,” Baldwin said. “They had to pull Robby out and Michael saved Robby’s life.”

Funeral information for Willie has not been announced.

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