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The following is from the daily Rexburg Police Log and is public record.

Only if the boot fits

“Police responded to a booting complaint on the 425 W. portion of Fifth South St. Police kept the peace while victim paid the boot company. Police checked business license and identification to ensure that boot company was operating per city ordinance.”

Give me my sandwich

“Police responded to a fast food restaurant for a report of an unwanted male who was being very aggressive. Police arrived and the male was asked to leave. The male was also trespassed from the property.”

Practice safe driving

“This is an incident where it was reported that someone left an open unused condom on the driver’s side windshield wiper of the complainant’s vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the owner’s driveway and there was not any damage done.”

Avoiding the robbery

“Police were contacted on the street by an individual who had found multiple phones and laptops in a common area of an apartment complex. The individual stated that it had been left there for a couple hours and they were afraid that the items would be stolen. Police secured the items and returned them to their owner.”

Got gas?

“Police were dispatched to assist a female that had vehicle problems on Hwy 20 at mile post 332. When police arrived, the female driver stated that she thought the vehicle was out of fuel, was traveling alone from out of town and stated that she was really nervous. Police advised her they would make sure she was taken care of and gave her a courtesy transport to the Conoco gas station and requested to borrow a gas can. Police then filled the gas can and drove the female back to her vehicle where police filled her vehicle with the fuel. The vehicle then started and police then followed the female back to the Conoco gas station to make sure she made it ok to get more fuel. Police then returned the borrowed gas can. Nothing further.”

A bounced money order

“Police took a walk-in fraud complaint at the Police Department. The victim posted an ad on Craigslist and was contacted by an unknown suspect. The suspect sent a check much larger than the asking price and asked for money orders in return. The victim sent money orders and was later contacted by the bank advising that the check was invalid.”

Suspicious owner

“Police were advised of a male dressed in dark clothing standing around a vehicle for long period of time in the Southgate parking lot. Police responded to the area and located a male working on his vehicle. Police verified the male was the registered owner for the vehicle and then cleared from the call. There is nothing further to report.”

Look where you park

“Police returned a landline to a female caller in reference to a parking complaint. The caller advised that the same car keeps parking in their private parking space at their townhome. She stated that it is posted “no unauthorized parking” and that she has talked to the manager of the other complex but the car keeps parking there.”

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