Many students may recall those evenings, where they had to forcefully swallow a plate of food they weren’t quite sure about, while serving their mission. “Where did this food even come from?” may have crossed their mind, or maybe they prepared it right in front of you. Did it make you throw up? Maybe it even tasted good? Regardless, here are some students recollection of their brave bites they had while on their mission.

1.) Logan Bequette – Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Paris, France – “I ate foi gras, which is a delicacy in France. They feed a goose corn, then shoot the goose, take the liver out and make a paste. I ate liver paste served on bread.”

2.) John Bell – Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Paraguay – “Cow hoof soup. They take whatever they have in their kitchen and put it all together to make a soup. They served it with beans, which were still hard, and put the cow hoof in it. I threw up.”

3.) Benjamin Platt – Freshman, Finance Major

Acicaba, Brazil – “Moscato, which is cow leg. They skinned the cow, but it still had fur on it; they chop it up, but it’s still connected to the bone; and its cooked in a huge pot. The cow leg still had the hoof attached to it. It’s served with vegetables.”

4.) Jessica Hammond – Sophomore, Child Development

Nashville, Tennessee – “Part of my mission was in Kentucky. I was served squirrel. The family was super redneck and shot the squirrel themselves and prepared it in front of us. It was fried squirrel.”

5.) Ashton Davis – Junior, Business analytics

Houston, Texas – “Fish eyed soup with the eye balls still in it. It’s a delicacy in the Spanish culture. They served it with potatoes, celery, onions, broth, salmon and fish eyes with the skin still attached.”

6.) Kilie Ellision – Junior, Communication

Georgia – “Rabbit casserole. They killed the rabbit in front of us. I only had one serving.”

7.) Jordan Keck – Sophomore. Business Analytics

Guatemala – “Chicken Liver. I had one helping. They prepared it in front of us and it was really bitter. My companion didn’t eat any. All I could say after eating it was, ‘Oh wow!’”