Teton Sourdough Co., founded by Greg and Heather Jensen, serves up a variety of sourdough-based delicacies and heartwarming soups. This family-run establishment is more than just a bistro; it’s a story of passion, culinary expertise and community connection.

The genesis of Teton Sourdough Co. was about a decade ago in the Jensen household. Heather, the mastermind behind the sourdough recipes, started baking for family and friends.

Greg Jensen co-founded Teton Sourdough with his wife of

Greg Jensen co-founded Teton Sourdough with his wife Heather. Photo credit: Chester Chan

The journey from home kitchen to commercial space wasn’t straightforward. The Jensens faced challenges in finding the right location.

“We started looking around for a retail place where we could open up a front and Rexburg is so hard to find space,” Greg said.

After the passing of the owner of the previous establishment, Soup for You, the Jensens approached the widow about taking over the lease.

The transition from a private baking passion to a public bistro was catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, during which sourdough baking saw a surge in popularity.

At its core, Teton Sourdough Co. celebrates the art of bread-making. As Greg shares his passion for sourdough he elaborates on the return to traditional baking methods that sets Teton Sourdough Co. apart in a market often dominated by processed foods.

Teton Sourdough menu can be found on their facebook page

The diverse menu of Teton Sourdough is available for viewing on their Facebook page. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“Sourdough is bacteria that continues to grow and it’s what ferments the bread,” Greg said. “It’s the way bread was made all the time before about 100 years ago. It’s original bread. It’s old-school bread.”

The menu at Teton Sourdough Co. consists primarily of the versatility of sourdough — from classic loaves to innovative sourdough cookies — with an assortment of soups to pair.

Greg says that his personal favorites are the jalapeño cheddar and cinnamon swirl varieties, along with unique white chocolate with cranberry sourdough.

But it’s not just about bread. When the Jensens took over the previous restaurant, they decided to continue the soup tradition.

“We started doing the soup that he did. We got some of his recipes and I’ve started making soup and found it’s kind of fun to make soup,” Greg said.

Teton Sourdough offers a diverse menu with frequently changing food options

Teton Sourdough offers a diverse menu with frequently changing food options. Photo credit: Chester Chan

The soup’s flavors range from loaded baked potato to Zuppa Toscana, with recipes that use locally sourced vegetables.

Looking ahead, Teton Sourdough has ambitious plans.

They are considering expanding their menu to include breakfast items like sourdough pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. The bistro currently operates from Tuesday through Friday, but there are plans to extend these hours and include Saturdays.

Teton Sourdough is also contemplating student discounts and special promotions to attract a younger crowd.

Greg jokes that the worst parts of Rexburg — besides the icy winds and slippery roads — would be the lack of food options. When asked for a recommended go-to meal, Greg suggested the loaded baked potato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Teton Sourdough is anticipating a grand opening around the first week of January with a revision of its menu. To get a taste of local sourdough, visit them at 52 College Ave. The menu and operating hours can also be found on their website.