Friday, May 17, during a high school’s senior party in Fat Cats, managers received a threat and evacuated the building.

The threat has yet to be disclosed, and no one was injured. Police are investigating.

“[The threat was] enough that the venue and the police felt like we needed to shut down,” said Amy Woodhouse, the school event coordinator. “And we respect that.”

Woodhouse was taking tickets when the manager on duty informed her that there was a warning sign in the bathroom.

“There were rumors that there was a bomb threat, or something was unsafe in the building,” said Camry Woodhouse, a senior at Rigby High School.

Woodhouse gathered her committee. They waited until police arrived to decide their next course of action. They continued to let students in.

“We didn’t want to alarm the kids until we had some more information,” Woodhouse said.

At this time, Fat Cats’ staff let the other entertainers — a fortune teller and DJ crew –know of the threat, and they started to pack up.

“I have never taken down my setup that quickly,” Sean Watkins, a DJ for A&B Productions said. “We were out of there in less than 20 minutes. I even threw up a little from running so much.”

After the police arrived, the event committee counseled with the Rigby High School principal via phone. They decided to cancel the party and evacuate the students in a calm and orderly fashion.

Texts and phone calls were sent to students’ parents letting them know the students were being evacuated and were safe.

Once outside, Woodhouse told students that the building was unsafe and that they were to return home as quickly as possible.

The Rexburg Police Department reported they will release a statement regarding the incident Monday morning.