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The ACLU of Idaho has requested the Madison County Clerk to investigate voter intimidation at various polling places in Rexburg.

A photograph taken of a sign at a Rexburg polling precinct that appeared to discourage students from voting began circulating social media. The sign discouraged out-of-state college student voters from voting in Idaho simply because they did not vote in their home state.

The sign read in part, “As a student, you should not be registering and voting in your college locale simply because you failed to register and vote at your true domicile. Registering to vote is a serious matter which should only be done after proper reflection.”

The ACLU of Idaho was notified of the sign through Twitter where others reported seeing similar signs at various polling places throughout the Rexburg area.

The ACLU of Idaho issued a statement on Twitter saying, “We’ve spoken with the Madison County Clerk and they’re headed to the precinct to investigate these signs, If you see similar signs of voter intimidation at your polling location, please call us at 208 344 9750.”

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