The Idaho Falls Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit arrested two suspects on Thursday on charges of human trafficking, interstate trafficking in prostitution, and procurement of prostitution.

Gordon Dennis Shaw, an 83-year-old retired Idaho Falls police officer, was one of the suspects arrested. According to a press release from the IFPD, Shaw retired from the police force at some point during the 1990s, although there is no record of the exact date. He also periodically worked in temporary positions for the department until 2008.

Xue Fang Lu, 60, was the other suspect arrested.

“This arrest underscores IFPD’s commitment to accountability and justice no matter a person’s history or prior affiliation,” said Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson in a press release. “We will continue to seek justice for victims, hold criminals responsible for their actions, and to maintain the integrity of the law enforcement profession.”

The details of the investigation are sealed on court order and are not publicly available right now.