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Teams of roommates lined up on the glossed floors of the I-Center gymnasium on Saturday to participate in a dodgeball tournament.

The tournament was on Nov. 10 and consisted of three- to six-player teams from different housing complexes.

Teams challenged one another in three rounds. The winners moved on to the semi-finals where they competed for an entry in the finals.

The prizes for the two winning teams included a 24 pack of toilet paper, a $50 gift card to Fat Cats and a gift card to Pizza Hut for two large pizzas.

The Housing and Student Living Office hosted the event as part of their efforts to engage students and have them develop better bonds with each other.

Conner Crook, a freshman studying communication, worked with the office to organize the event.

“We bring roommates together so they could have a little fun and learn to love each other,” Crook said.

Some of the teams included The Brothers, The Dirty Boys, Girl Scout Dropouts and The Ballin Boys.

In the matchup between The Brothers and The Dirty Boys, the teams put up a fight. They maneuvered across the court and simultaneously launched their balls at the enemy team.


By the end of the third round, The Dirty Boys prevailed after a game-winning hit.

David Jensen, a sophomore studying software engineering, played with his team from the Bunkhouse.

“Everyone is being such a good sport,” Jensen said. “It’s such a fun time.”

T-shirts were also designed for players to wear during the competition. The design features an image of a temple with the words “It’s not where you live but how” displayed next to it.

Roger Pollard, a senior studying music, works with print and video for the Housing and Student Living Office and created the design for the shirts.

Pollard created the design to illustrate the principle of student living. He put the temple on the shirts to send the message that students can live anywhere and still create a spiritual and sacred environment.

Pollard and other members of the Housing and Student Living Office constantly work to create activities for students to develop better bonds.

An example is an activity coming next semester called Battleship, which will have roommates playing a real version of the board game Battleship in a pool.

For more information on activities and ways to get involved, visit the Housing and Student Living Office’s Facebook page.

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