Vocal Spectrum is returning to the Barbershop Music Festival on Feb. 20. BYU-Idaho Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, student quartets and the Carousel Chorus will also perform.

Vocal Spectrum is Barbershop quartet based in Missouri, according to the Vocal Spectrum Facebook page.

“I got involved in barbershop and a cappella singing when I was 16 years old,” said Jonny Moroni, a member of Vocal Spectrum. “My grandparents took me to a barbershop show, and I fell in love with the harmonies.”

Moroni said he was responsible for bringing the group of four together as Vocal Spectrum.

“I joined Vocal Spectrum in 2003,” said Tim Waurick, a member of Vocal Spectrum. “The quartet had already started with a different tenor, but I eventually joined when the original tenor became too busy.”

Waurick said he met the other members of Vocal Spectrum through Harmony College, a barbershop event.  He said he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, after a year to attend Lindenwood University and joined the quartet within a month.

“Vocal Spectrum practices nearly every week,” Waurick said. “We try to come with the song memorized and prepared so we can work on the musical side of things.”

Moroni said the group spends time working on duets and small sections of the song when they meet together.

“My favorite experience with Vocal Spectrum has been the international travel,” Moroni said. “I don’t think any of us would have thought that a barbershop quartet would take us literally around the world.”

Waurick said his favorite part of working with Vocal Spectrum has also been getting to travel all over the world with his three best friends.

“At this point, we don’t really foresee an end in sight,” Moroni said. “But, at some point, I am sure the quartet will retire, and we will all get a chance to relax on weekends with our families.”

Waurick said he plans to sing for the rest of his life.

Don Sparhawk, the Center Stage coordinator, said they always bring a guest barbershop quartet to headline the Barbershop show.

“Vocal Spectrum first came to BYU-Idaho in 2013,” Sparhawk said. “They were a big hit at our barbershop festival and everyone loved them.”

He said Center Stage is bringing them back for an encore performance.

“They have got to be one of the finest barbershop quartets in the world, which was proven when they won the international barbershop quartet competition in 2006,” Sparhawk said.