Community Concert put on a Broadway-themed concert at the Romance Theater. The theater was filled with locals, hopeful for a Broadway experience.

An evening full of classic Broadway favorites, on Saturday the Romance Theater was packed with couples, families and those supporting the performers.

As the lights dimmed before the show, the Romance Theater’s red velvet stage curtains were drawn back, ready for the performance to begin. The lights flashed onto the gold accent features along the walls and ceiling.

Kaatia Larsen, the music and theatre specialist at Rexburg Cultural Arts, opened the concert and welcomed everyone to the theater.

Larsen educated the audience about what to expect with upcoming events put on by Rexburg Cultural Arts. Anyone interested in being part of the local arts can view its website.

As the show began, the audience was involved in the performance.

Signs were passed out to individuals in the audience. Sections were formed in the crowd based on what was written on the signs.

Each sign had different lyrics from the song “Do-Re-Mi” from the famous Broadway musical, The Sound of Music. One section of the crowd’s sign was “Do,” another’s was “Re,” another’s was “Mi” and so on.

Larsen directed each section with actions when their line came up in the song. The audience quickly got into the spirit by standing up and trying to out-sing the other sections when their part came.

Hannah Miller, a singer in the concert, performed the song as the audience assisted with the signs and actions, engaging the audience with the activity.

The concert showcased many of Rexburg’s local talents, whether they were in a soloist or group act.

People gathered before the show was ready to begin on Saturday night.

The Romance Theater before the concert started. Photo credit: Ashlee Mcphearson

Some performers knew each other before the concert. However, some groups didn’t meet each other until the day of the performance.

McKenzie Pyatt, a performer in the concert and Rexburg local, was part of a group of three that had never performed together or met until auditions. The group was made because all three performers sang the same song in auditions.

Pyatt explained that the performers practiced on their own. On the day of the show, her group practiced together for the first time, taking turns singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables.

Pyatt expressed excitement and nervousness, as she performed while pregnant.

“The pregnancy is getting pretty difficult as I am coming up on my due date,” Pyatt said.

Between numbers and as the singers were performing, they were each accompanied by an accompanist — either guitar or piano.

Before each song, a display was put above the stage on a hanging projector screen and video interviews of the upcoming singer flashed on the screen after the song was announced.

They also shared the background of Broadway songs and why they choose to perform their song. If more than one singer was performing, the video switched between group members until it was time to sing.

Each song was unique. An atmosphere of quiet reverence was created as each artist began to sing their personal favorite Broadway song.

Kimber Kunz, a local of Rexburg, went to support friends that were in the concert.

Kunz recounted how she was feeling as “Think of Me” — a song from the famous musical, Phantom of the Opera — was performed. Reflecting on her childhood memories of her mom singing for her family in her home.

“My mom,” Kunz said. “She sang this all the time. I was getting emotional.”

As the concert concluded, the last number was “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen the musical. This was sung by the whole Broadway Concert Cast.

Larsen returned on stage to share with the audience that this night was only made possible because of the local community. Community Concert created a voting poll for the community to decide the next concert theme.

After the concert was over family and friends were eager to celebrate with the performers.

After the show families and friends were eager to find to find those they were supporting in the concert. Photo credit: Ashlee Mcphearson

Larsen announced that in September Community Concert would have the Beatles as the next theme.