Brooke Rockwood opens a new small business in Rexburg: Brookie’s Cookies.

Brooke Rockwood is the founder of the new Rexburg business Brookie’s Cookies. She has been baking for over five years and over the summer decided to turn her passion into a business. She has ten staple flavors including classics like chocolate chip and funfetti, and some less expected flavors like raspberry cheesecake and s’mores.

On top of what she calls her “OG” flavors, she incorporates a few new flavors every month.

“I love to base off season; like in fall you have more cinnamon and pumpkin stuff; a lot of times it’s also flavors I grew up with in my home,” Rockwood said. “The more fun ones are either flavors where I have had a different type of dessert, like a cake or ice cream, and thought, ‘Oh my gosh that would be good in a cookie.'”

Rockwood runs the whole operation out of her home. On top of making cookies for individual orders and events, she also offers monthly subscription boxes for individuals or businesses.

“Brookie’s Box gives you four different options for a subscription,” Rockwood said. “A four cookie box, a six, an office box which is a dozen, and a CEO box which is a dozen cookies twice a month. What is fun about the box is that I pick the flavors for you, so I get to share my favorites of the month.”

Rockwood regularly attends fairs between Rexburg and Idaho Falls to help get the word out about her growing business.

“Obviously it’s a business, but this is something I am really passionate about,” Rockwood said. “It doesn’t feel like a job to me, it’s really just something I love doing.”

To try some of Rockwood’s cookies, reach out on her website or on Instagram.