Build your own plant at the BYU-Idaho Plant Shop

Photo credit: Danys Coronel

The greenhouse on campus offers students an opportunity to put together their own plant arrangements. The Applied Plant Science Department runs and takes care of the greenhouse.

Many students are not aware the greenhouse has a shop where people can choose preferred pots and plants along with other accessories. The BYU-Idaho Plant Shop is located in the Ezra Taft Benson Building. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“It was a simple process, but it was such a cute and fun and inexpensive idea,” said Katherine Orchard, a senior studying child development.

Photo credit: Danys Coronel

The process is broken down into a few steps.

The first part of the experience is to pick plants to purchase.

“You can pick whatever plant you want,” said Mariana Hansen, a senior studying child development.

There is a plant for everyone. Some plants are small and require little maintenance while others are bigger and require more maintenance. Some of the plants include succulents, flowers, snake plants, vine plants, aloe plants and more. All the plants are nurtured by students in the Applied Plant Science Department.

“My favorite part of building my own plant was the variety of options,” Orchard said.

Next is choosing the plant’s pot. There are a lot of different pots to choose from. Prices range depending on the size and design. People can play with the colors and styles of the plants and pots. They also provide pots that go with the season for festivity.

Putting it together comes last. A station with dirt is available to put the plant in the pot and see the final creation. Once satisfied, customers scan a QR code and pay via phone. This is all done on the person’s honor, so they need to keep track of the price to know how much to pay on the website.

This activity is open to all students and local residents. Going to the Plant Shop supports the students who take care of those plants.

Photo credit: Katherine Orchard