With stores like Thrifted Lennon’s, Daisy Links and Superlame, thrift shopping is an easy way for students to connect in Rexburg. But for BYU-Idaho alumna Lily Galer, thrifting is more than just a hobby — it’s a way to use her degree.

“(After graduation) I was looking for a job in marketing,” Galer said. “But really, my dream jobs are all in major cities. It’s harder to find jobs here in Rexburg that are specific to what I want to do — I want to be a creative director.”

Originally from Washington D.C., Galer came to small-town Rexburg after serving a mission in San Diego, California. She graduated from BYU-Idaho as a communication major with an emphasis in social and digital media in December 2022.

Lily showing her storefront.

Lily showing her storefront. Photo credit: Isabelle Justice

After graduation, Galer met her husband while working as the marketing manager for the local artisan drink shop, Crush.

“After we got married, I was really struggling to find a full-time job,” Galer explained. “I’m really into buying clothes and finding thrifted stuff. Usually, when I go thrifting, I think of a friend when I like a piece of clothing. I pick my favorite pieces, but I’m sad to leave the rest. I was trying to figure out how to make money, so, I started my thrift Instagram page.”

Two Names, One Mission

Galer’s Instagram thrift store is called Lily’s Thrift Finds, with one exception.

“There are two different names,” Galer said. “I was trying to find a name on Instagram that I didn’t have to repeat a letter or put an underscore or dot in between, because that’s what businesses try to do — they stay original. I was trying to find that name, and that’s how I got the username Lily’s Vintage Thrifts.”

Galer uses the spare room in her apartment as her storefront for Lily’s Thrift Finds. She has seemingly everything, from graphic tees to jean jackets to leather boots.

“It’s really cool to see how women can bond through something as simple as shopping,” Galer said. “I’m really into buying clothes, dressing up and just finding thrifted stuff. I really don’t ever shop at retail stores or online unless it’s something really specific that I can’t find. I like to shop at local stores.”

Lily began her new store this year.

Lily began her new store this year. Photo credit: Isabelle Justice

Womptober Music Festival

On Oct. 13, a chilly Friday night, Rexburg experienced its first Womptober Music Festival. The event featured 10 bands from the Eastern Idaho area and a variety of vendors attended the event.

Lily Galer was one of them.

“As I was unloading everything, a lot of the girls that were at the festival were curious,” Galer explained. “I hadn’t even finished unloading and girls were like, ‘Hey, how much is this?’ It was actually really crazy how people (were) interested … It was retail therapy for them, but not like breaking the bank.”

Galer has not begun a physical marketing campaign; everything she does is completely on her Instagram. Having an in-person event was a new experience for the store, one that she claimed she was not prepared for until the event began.

“I was invited by a friend to sell at Womptober,” Galer said. “I didn’t realize that it’s so much work to bring all the clothes and everything that I own to sell.”

Lily's clothing is available on Instagram.

Lily's clothing is available on Instagram. Photo credit: Isabelle Justice

Because Galer’s brand focuses on staying affordable, her store has easily gained new followers on Instagram. This is what Galer feels sets her apart from other thrift stores in the area.

“I feel like what’s been lacking in Rexburg is a place where girls can go and shop,” Galer said. “There are places that increase their prices so they aren’t affordable for college students.”

Lily’s Thrift Finds focuses on having a wide range of clothing sizes. And that, Galer says, is what she loves about thrifting the most.

“In thrifting, you can’t really shop based on sizes,” she said. “You buy it and whatever size it is, it’s that size, you know? So, it’s cool to see that if I saw something that’s an extra small and someone can buy it … It’s hard to find specific sizes, but with this, people can find unique sizes and you can connect with them.”

Lily’s Vintage Thrifts can be found on Instagram.