Psychiatrist and BYU-Idaho alumnus Dr. Kaden Facer has created an online therapy course for those who struggle with depression and anxiety.

According to Facer’s website, his course, “Therapize Yourself,” offers access to approximately 6.5 hours of video presentation and nine printable documents for 90 days after purchase. The first hour of video is a free introduction to the overall course.

Facer prices his course at $199. In comparison, a single on-track credit at BYU-I is $194 for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

While not individualized professional counseling, the course offers an online alternative to in-person psychiatric education. Facer himself educates on the core principles of self-therapy through his videos, exploring how to better see the different elements of mental health and how they interact with each other.

Dr. Kaden Facer.

Photo of Dr. Kaden Facer. Photo credit: Dr. Kaden Facer

“It’s what I would want everyone to know about mental health, particularly depression and anxiety. I would shout all of this from the rooftops!” Facer said.

The website also includes a blog that answers questions about professional help, when people should seek it and how it can benefit people.

“When in doubt, please reach out. Mental health professionals are, in a lot of ways, trained to evaluate whether or not someone needs ongoing professional help,” Facer said.

According to Facer, the course will offer a deeper understanding of anxiety and depression, ways one can identify and custom-treat their own particular form of mental health, and various tools including different styles of therapy and how to best apply these different therapies.

Weston Buchkovich

Weston Buchkovich, an employee at the Peer Mentoring Center. Photo credit: Jason Dohm

“If you use therapy, you’ll have an open mindset. You’ll gain an open mindset and be able to grow off other people, able to not worry, not hide your feelings, not suppress emotions and it just helps you become a better person,” said Weston Buchkovich, an employee at the Peer Mentoring Center.

Facer is planning to set up an online practice in Eastern Idaho this fall. The free introductory program can be found here.