Campus Recreation hosted a dodgeball tournament at the BYU-Idaho Center Courts on Wednesday.

Mariah Steadman, the head coordinator for Campus Recreation, is in charge of organizing and leading the events hosted by their department.

Steadman said this is the first Campus Recreation event of the semester, and she hopes it helps bring more people to the upcoming events.

“I’m excited that we just get to get out and have some fun. Our First Friday event was canceled, so this is our first event of this school year,” Steadman said. “We got a lot of really fun events planned coming up. What I’m hoping for… is that people come out, and laugh, and enjoy it and then they want to come back.”

This event has a double elimination bracket and allows people to register as a team to play the game.

The winning team, captain Garin Fullner on far right

The winning team, captain Garin Fullner on far right Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

Garin Fullmer, captain of the winning team, The Men, wanted to put a team together last year, and this year he told his roommates they needed to draft a team.

“I said we need to draft a real team, we’re gonna win this,” Fullmer said. “So I reached out to some of my mission buddies and guys from my ward, and we made an absolute unit of a team. I knew we could do it.”

Steadman said students who want to participate in future events like this one or want to be a part of intermural teams, need to check their school emails, look at the I-Belong app or website or look at the Campus Recreation website.