With school coming to an end, students can be very busy with their classes and their finals. Some may forget that Easter is around the corner. Campus Live Events celebrated this holiday with a campus-wide Easter egg hunt.

“Come join us for a fun Easter celebration. Find hidden eggs across campus for prizes, follow @campuslifeevents on Instagram for a chance to find the golden eggs when the clues drop. It’s a campus wide event that you will want to be a part of.” said Campus Life Events.

The event consisted of over 1200 Easter eggs hidden around campus and when a student found one, they would meet with the group on the first floor of the Manwaring Center and redeem their prize.

The eggs contained redeemable prizes such as candy, cookies, shirts, tickets and discount cards among other things.

“It’s pretty sweet,” said Nick Pippin, a sophomore studying accounting. “I enjoy myself a free cookie from Crumbl.”

The 1200 hundred eggs weren’t the only eggs hidden around school, there were also 14 hidden golden eggs that were hidden around campus. The golden eggs held higher rewards, such as hammocks, backpacks, gift cards and other high-ticketed items. These were provided by groups such as the alumni organization, Campus Life, Hope Council and many other groups.

Campus Life Events looked forward to putting this together.

“It’s super exciting we love being able to get students involved on campus to kind of give them away to kind of get a break from all their finals and classes,” said Lauren Fairchild, a member of Campus Life Events. “It is super exciting to see what people do to come together and even race each other to get the eggs and things like that.”

There were other games such as corn hole, and arts and crafts activities that participants could enjoy while visiting the Campus Life Events group. The campus wanted to ensure that the school was able to celebrate Easter before the break and have fun doing it.