The Theatre and Dance Department’s Extravadance opened Tuesday and runs through Saturday, July 13. The show is called “Now and Then” and is Beatles themed.

“It’s super fun,” said Anne Vistaunet, senior, dance major and Dance Society president. “The costumes are so fun, bright (and) high energy. Just lots of fun, good music, good energy on stage, good dancing. Lighting’s fun, dancers are fun. It’s just a great … all-around show.”

The dance team has been working on the show since February, working “Eight Days a Week” to practice for the performance. According to Vistaunet, the process is long but rewarding.

“The hours can be really long, but it’s super fun to just kind of be there with your friends and to be learning and … growing,” Vistaunet said. “We do so many different styles … it’s fun to learn new styles every single year and just try and test what I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it.”

Promotional posters and photos on display in the Snow Building.

Promotional posters and photos on display in the Snow Building. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

According to the show’s writer, producer and artistic director, Wendy Bone, the theme explores Beatles music from over the years.

“It’s an exploration of 60 years of the Beatles,” Bone said. “So, this year is the 60th anniversary of the Beatles, and they just released a brand-new song using AI, and that’s being featured in our show. It’s all Beatles music, and it’s a celebration of Beatles music, light, sound, Beatlemania. It’s all about the Beatles brought to life through dance.”

Not only does this allow the dance students an opportunity to “Come Together” to put on the show, but it also gives them a good experience in performing, according to Bone.

“Putting on a show is part of what we do in the performing and visual arts, dance is a performative art,” Bone said. “And so the way to practice that performative art is to perform. So they get opportunities learning everything, from the choreography, through the lighting and the costuming and the staging and the performing, to put together the show. It’s all part of their curriculum, is learning how to be a performing artist.”

BYUI dancers pose and dance for a Dance Alliance Tour Promo photo and video shoot

BYUI dancers pose and dance for a Dance Alliance Tour Promo photo and video shoot Photo credit: Mike Lewis

According to Bone, the team will get to explore a wide variety of dance genres, all to Beatles music.

“There’s so much to explore, and I’ve never done a show where I used one artist to represent all different styles and genres and flavors and energies in dance, and I thought ‘why not the Beatles?’” Bone said. “It’s representing all genres, so ballet, tap, ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, world, disco, folk, clog, all genres. It’s really a celebration of dance through music.”

This celebration of dance will make for a unique show for attendees, according to Vistaunet.

“It’s all types of dance,” Vistaunet said. “It is so much fun. It is high energy, you get to see a little bit of everything, you find new favorites. Even if you’re not the biggest Beatles fan it’s so fun to be here and…have the energy going.”

Extravadance is held in the Eliza R. Snow Drama Theatre, starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office and online.