The City of Rexburg’s Instagram congratulated BYU-Idaho on being declared the third safest university in America on Thursday.

“We’re proud to have you as an integral part of Rexburg!” according to the City of Rexburg’s post.

In the post, they accredited Academic Influence, which had published an article of “The 15 Safest Colleges in America” in December of 2023, written by Dr. James Barham.

The article includes charts and information explaining how they rated each of the schools.

Quote from Henry B. Eyring hangs in Hyrum Manwaring Center

Quote from Henry B. Eyring hanging in Hyrum Manwaring Center. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

The research in the article references the National Center for Education Statistics. The types of crimes on college campuses included: Forcible Sex Offenses, Burglaries, Motor Vehicle Thefts, Aggravated Assault and Robberies and Arson.

BYU-I ranks third with the University of Idaho in second place and Purdue University in first.

PR Newswire wrote about the article published by Academic Influence in January.

“While safety cannot always be objective,” according to PR Newswire, “Academic Influence ranks the schools using factors such as amount of on-campus safety resources, compliance with safety protocols and past crime statistics to inform its choices.”