BYU-Idaho hosted its Spirit Week Rodeo on Wednesday at the Madison County Fair Grounds and completely sold out the venue.

The events at the rodeo included steer riding, barrel racing, tug of war, cash cow and team roping.

“This year we started something new,” said Tyler Jones, one of the student directors for Spirit Week at BYU-I. “We got in some bull riders … and they’ll start off the show.”

Allen Jones, the student support director, said that all of the participants in the rodeo were students from BYU-I except for the bull riders. The bull riders came from Utah at the request of the vendor for the rodeo event.

The horse riders started off the event with an Americana. After, the bull riders took the stage. The event Continued with the steer riders, the team ropers and the barrel racers.

The rodeo announcer had people from the audience participate in a couple small activities, cash cow and tug of war.

The event ended with a steer riding championship to see who could stay on the steer the longest before falling off.

“I think one of the coolest experiences is just being able to see the student body collectively gather at events here …” said Casey Cruz, another student director for Spirit Week at BYU-I. “It’s so heartwarming, all the students gather to be a part of something really special.”