The Campus Recreation Department is hosting a powerlifting competition.

Weigh-ins are March 24. The competition takes place on March 25, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., and costs $10 to register.

There will be three weight classes: Lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight.

The weights for the men’s classes are under 180 pounds for lightweight, 180 to 219 pounds for middleweight and 220 or over for heavyweight. Men’s spots are currently full and have about 20 on the waitlist.

There are still several spots open for women. The weights for the women’s class have not been decided yet, since there is still room to sign up.

The competition consists of three different lifts: squat, bench and deadlift.

Dillon Cook performing a deadlift

Dillon Cook performing a deadlift Photo credit: Dylan Dueker

“It’s just a competition about having fun,” said Creole Walker, one of the hosts for the competition and a junior studying exercise physiology. “Our Fit4Life trainers are in the gym and ready to help if students want tips and tricks to help get them ready for the competition. It’ll be a great opportunity to see how much you can lift.”

Winners will be decided on the ratio of weight lifted divided by their body weight. The top three finishers from each weight class will receive a medallion. First place receives gold, second place receives silver and third place receives bronze.

Each participant will also receive a free T-shirt.

“Make sure to bring your snacks, your pre-workout and whatever else you need,” said Abbey Stratford, the fitness lead student and a junior studying exercise physiology. “This is a great opportunity to come cheer on your buddies and see how much weight you can lift.”

Deadlift station in the Fitness Center

Deadlift station in the Fitness Center Photo credit: Dylan Dueker

Those interested in signing up can do so on the Campus Recreation website here or on I-Belong.

For those interested in the heaviest lifts last semester:

— Heavyweight: 525-pound squat, 345-pound bench and 655-pound deadlift

— Middleweight: 500-pound squat, 400-pound bench and 675-pound deadlift

— Lightweight: 385-pound squat, 250-pound bench and 470-pound deadlift