BYU-Idaho hosts Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Trainings every fourth Thursday in the John Taylor Building.

The QPR Institute, a national organization, sent a trainer to BYU-Idaho and train a group of faculty on campus to certify them to be able to give the gatekeeper training.

Certified QPR trainers conduct the classes, and at the end of the workshop, students receive a certificate showing they went to the training.

Associate Dean in the Dean of Students Office at BYU-I, Layne Kinghorn, is a certified QPR trainer on campus. Kinghorn led Thursday’s training in the Taylor Building.

Kinghorn said there are resources on BYU-I’s Wellness and Counseling Center‘s he hopes of which students take advantage.

“There are so many wonderful campus resources available to help anybody that’s struggling with their own mental health,” said Kinghorn. “We want them to take advantage of those things.”

Communications Professor, Andra Hansen, leads QPR Workshop

Communications Professor, Andra Hansen, leads QPR Workshop. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

JennaVee Zitting and Noah Astle are students majoring in social work taking a class requiring them to intervene with the community. The students wanted to do that with suicide prevention and help promote QPR training.

Zitting and Astle said they want to bring more awareness of the QPR training and hope that more students will take advantage of it regularly.

“It’s really to bring more fellowship here on campus,” Zitting said. “So that we feel more comfortable checking up with each other and just showing more love and compassion to those around us.”

Andra Hansen, a communication professor, is also QPR-certified and hosted a QPR training on Tuesday for students in the communication department.

Hansen said a QPR training won’t make anyone an expert in any one area, but it will give people a base to know how to help people who are in need.

“If I can identify risk factors and potentially help that person, understand how to manage or be a supporter, a friend or an ally and helping them figure out how to manage that. I’m doing a huge thing,” Hansen said.

The next QPR Training will be held in the John Taylor Building on in May at 11:30 a.m.

Students can sign up for the next training on BYU-I’s Wellness Center’s website.