The student-run Formula Hybrid Electric team from the Society of Automotive Engineering is preparing to enter an International Society of Automotive Engineers Electric Car Competition.

The society meets two times a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Mark Austin Building (room 213).

“The entire goal of the society for this competition is to engineer, design and to build an actual car to enter (an) international competition for students,” said Team President Dylan Hansen. “The competition will be on April. (It) happens every year and the team is running on a tight timeline.”

Photo credit: Ty Williams

The team’s mechanical, electric and technical groups using critical thinking to know which parts are needed.

Students majoring in electrical engineering, welding engineering technology, manufacturing engineering technology, mechanical engineering and students with automotive experience are needed. The society is also looking for someone with social media experience.

Photo credit: Ty Williams

“The club’s Formula Hybrid Electric Team learning aspect is as real-world experience as students can get.” said Devon Ellington, mechanical group lead.

To sign up for the Formula Hybrid Electric Team, email