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From the room with the rows of desks and the whitewashed walls that reflect the hum of florescent lights, to the maze of cubicles on the third floor, to the chatter and squeal of laughter in the deep blue of the pool, these places provide the opportunity for someone to show faith while in the workplace.

Barna recently did a study and found that Christians have high standards for the workplace.

“Encouragingly, working Christians say they hold to standards and virtues of professional integrity that represent the Church well. They are rooted in a conviction that Christians should act ethically (82%), speak the truth (74%) and demonstrate morality (72%),” according to Barna.

Hannah Sant, a BYU-Idaho alumna and a nurse from southern Maryland, graduated in April 2017. She is now working as a nurse, and it was BYU-I that helped her develop her testimony of Christ so she can better show her faith while working with patients.

“By attending BYU-I, I gained a greater testimony of the gospel and learned how to profess my faith in Christ,” Sant said. “As a nurse and as a believer in Christ, my faith helps me to have a greater understanding of what really matters in life. This encourages me to conduct myself in a certain manner while treating and caring for patients.”

Sant’s coworkers have noticed a difference in her as she has chosen to live her religion and beliefs in the workplace.

“My coworkers recognize that there is something different about me, and sometimes I tell them about my beliefs as a member of the Church,” Sant said. This also helps me when I am caring for a challenging patient or a patient that is dying.”

Caitlin Ackley, a history education major in her fourth year, is finishing her last semester and preparing to enter the workplace as a student teacher in Utah while her husband gets his degree. Ackley also feels that BYU-I has prepared her for sharing her faith in the future.

“I really think it has opened up avenues of ways to talk about faith and the gospel in more secular settings with those I will work with,” Ackley said. “I think as an ED major it is important to remember the line of Church and State and share our beliefs by how we treat others, not by necessarily trying to preach it at work.”

For those who are also trying to develop or show faith now, Ackley explains that looking to the Savior is the best way.

“I think it is so important that we look to our Savior to model his example,” Ackley said. “The best way to share our religion is to live it and strive to be like our Savior every day. This way when people get to know us, they are reminded of Him and are drawn to our faith and hope.”

Sharing is caring!