On Friday, the campus radio station located on Viking Drive next to the Student Health Center will hold a public open house from noon to 2 p.m. in honor of their 40-year anniversary.

Throughout the week, listeners can expect to hear from famous contributors to the station’s success such as Lamar Barrus, Mark Bailey, Bryce Rydalch and more.

Radio development at BYU-Idaho began as early as the 1940s. In 1984, their experimentation with different shows and content creation for neighboring stations led them to eventually fabricate their own local radio station, KRIC.

Radio station

Radio station. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

When Ricks College became BYU-I, it changed to KBYI and KBYR.

“We have a lot of success,” said Brandon Isle, the radio services supervisor of BYU-Idaho Radio. “And it’s because the students are interested and motivated to do a good job.”

The station has maintained a standard of presenting inspirational content throughout its development. Listeners can expect to hear classical music, conference talks, current news and events and other inspirational music.

“Radio is actually the number one media out there,” Isle said. “Eighty-four percent of adults 18 to 54 listen to the radio every week. Nothing else touches it.”

Radio Station awards

Radio Station awards. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

The Radio is free and made for all audiences. Isle shares three reasons why radio is beneficial to listeners.

“It’s a great way to discover new music, a great way to get to know your community and … the DJs or the hosts that are on there,” Isle said. “You could find that local news element.”

There will be giveaways throughout the week on the station. At the open house, attendees are taken on tours of the station and shown presentations of the radio station’s history.

One of the giveaways will be connected to finding one of the eight radios hidden around campus.

“This legacy is neat because we’ve really invested a lot of time and talent to provide entertainment and news to the community at large,” Isle said.

Isle teaches a radio station practicum, COMM 397F, every semester on Mondays at 9 a.m. and invites all students to participate.

Locals can tune into 91.5 FM for inspirational listening on KBYR or 94.3 FM for classical music and news on KBYI. Listeners can also ask their smart devices like Alexa or Google Home to play these stations.

In addition to the radio, there are four podcasts available to listen to on Spotify:

— BYU-Idaho Radio’s The Spot, where students discuss topics relevant to students and campus

— BYU-Idaho Disciple Journeys, their newest podcast to talk about student’s journeys to Christ

BYU-Idaho Radio, for interviews and news stories

— BYU-Idaho Radio Headlines, for the weekly news headlines

“I hope the students appreciate that their work doesn’t go unnoticed,” Isle said.

For more information, visit the Radio’s website.