BYU-Idaho’s Newsroom released the Winter 2024 semester enrollment numbers on Friday.

The university’s official announcement said 19,500 students are estimated to be living in Rexburg during the Winter 2024 Semester with a total of 22,251 campus-based students.

The news release’s demographics said 17,578 campus-based are students enrolled in face-to-face courses and 4,673 campus-based students are enrolled in online courses and/or internships.

The Winter 2024 Semester’s campus-based student body consists of 11,494 male students and 10,757 female students, 52% and 48% respectively.

Married students comprise 22% of the total campus-based students with a total of 4,921 married students.

BYU-I’s news release includes numbers of online students who are serviced in partnership with BYU-Pathway Worldwide. There are 19,312 online students, creating a total of 41,563 students enrolled at the university.

“BYU-Idaho continues to integrate its unique student and academic emphasis that includes: the teaching focus of its faculty, the opportunity to gather with other students who share common values, the university’s focus on real-world preparation, and a high-value educational experience,” said the official announcement.