During a non-competitive basketball game, a player took out his frustrations on school property, damaging a door, water fountain and a hand sanitizer dispenser in the BYU-Idaho Center on May 17.

The players frustration was due to the confusion of who would be playing the next game. He damaged the property and directed a significant amount of cursing and insults at the players and staff, according to one player on the court.

Damaged Water Fountain

Damaged water fountain. Photo credit: Robert Howley

The player was eventually convinced to leave by players and staff, and security was not involved.

BYU-Idaho recreation staff responded that they encourage sportsmanship and gave advice.

“Remove yourself. Just calm down, breathe a little bit and get back in if you feel you are even keel,” staff member Caleb Tonks said.

Damaged Door

Damaged door. Photo credit: Robert Howley

If players do not calm themselves, the protocol of the recreation staff is to first try to remove the player from the building. If the attempt is unsuccessful, security is called. Behavior contrary to sportsmanship and BYU-I’s recreation policies violate the school’s honor code.

“The best competition is the competition that is healthy,” Tonks said. “When you put yourself in unhealthy competition, you create this big swirling effect where everyone is upset, whether it’s the officials or with another player.”

Damaged Hand Sanatizer Dispenser

Damaged hand sanitizer dispenser. Photo credit: Robert Howley

The staff also encouraged the players in the I-Center to keep the same spirit as if they were in a devotional, as both the courts and devotional are in the same building.

“You go to devotional to learn and be uplifted,” said Tonks. “Going here should really be the same. We’re trying to create a positive environment.”