BYU-I student choir prepares to sing at general conference

Professor Busselburg instructing choir students. Photo credit: Jadree Farmer

On Saturday, April 2, a BYU-Idaho student choir will be singing in the afternoon session of the 192nd Annual General Conference.

Students for the choir were initially selected based off their successful audition to participate in one of the campus choirs this semester. Additional students in the Music Department were sent an email inviting them to audition as well. Because of the sacred experience singing in the choir presents, students were also required to have a current bishop’s endorsement in order to participate. The final requirement was that students had to be fully vaccinated for the coronavirus.

In total, 364 students were accepted to sing, filling every seat in the choir section of the Conference Center.

Kalina Tanner, a sophomore studying economics, was one of the additional students accepted into the choir after her audition. She expressed how much she has enjoyed the weekly Sunday practices.

“Singing as a big group of people who really know how to sing, and then singing about Jesus Christ’s love invites the Spirit like nothing else,” Tanner said. “It has been really cool.”

The chosen songs this choir will be singing include renditions of “Now Let Us Rejoice,” “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” and “Thy Spirit, Lord, Has Stirred Our Souls.” The selection of these songs was made after much thought and prayer by professors from the Music Department.

BYU-I students practice pieces to perform in the 192nd Annual General Conference.
BYU-I students practice pieces to perform in the 192nd Annual General Conference. Photo credit: Jadree Farmer

“We looked for music that we felt would show what BYU-Idaho is about,” said Randall Kempton, a music professor. “(We wanted) music that would help teach messages that our students needed to internalize by rehearsing and performing, and things that we felt would obviously go with the Spirit of the conference.”

Kempton and Paul Busselberg, another music professor, have been leading the choir practices and will also be the ones conducting the choir at the Conference Center in a few weeks.

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