BYU-I student faces charge of petty theft


A 23-year-old BYU-Idaho student has been charged with misdemeanor petty theft.

Tace Herman, a junior studying exercise physiology, was charged May 14 for stealing motorcycle parts.

Captain Randy Lewis, of the Rexburg Police Department, said the charge can have a maximum sentence of one year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

An official Rexburg police report said that a clutch assembly was stolen from a motorcycle that was parked at The Ridge apartments.

Lewis said the owner of the motorcycle recognized the clutch parts mounted on another bike.

“The victim confronted the person who had the parts and he eventually confessed to taking them,” Lewis said.

Lewis also said that the suspect has a history of petty theft in Madison County, referencing a case from 2010 when he was found guilty and sentenced to a year of probation, a fine and 180 days jail time, according to the Idaho Repository.

Most of the jail time was deferred due to the compliance during his unservised probation.

This prior history may mean stiffer penalties in this case if the suspect is found guilty.

“With petty theft, the suspect usually ends in jail for at least a cole days, but in this case, the suspect has a prior history, so that s the ante,” Lewis said.

He said the victim couldn’t have done much to prevent it.

“It was just one of those opportunities. You walk by and see something you want, and there it is,” Lewis said.

He said that, if convicted, the charges have the potential to follow the suspect for the rest of his life.

Lewis pointed out that most jobs ask applicants if they’ve been arrested or convicted of crimes. He said that convictions like these say a lot about someone’s honesty.

“It can really make it harder for you to get ahead and get good jobs,” Lewis said.

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