Water filters are a great need in Peru because the water is not clean enough to drink. Normally, they have to boil the water to kill bacteria or buy bottled water. To reduce the use of time and plastic, water filters are a way to take care of the environment.

Helaman Ezra German Espinoza-Torres is a student at BYU-Idaho from Puno, Peru studying communication with an emphasis in public relations. Torres started a non-profit organization in Rexburg for the citizens in Peru called HOPERU HUMANITARIAN.

Peru is the third largest country in South America and has various landscapes including rainforests, deserts and the Pacific Ocean. The Amazon rainforest covers almost half of Peru, along with the Andes Mountain Range where Machu Picchu is located and the deserts of Peru where the Nasca lines are. Peru shares its borders with Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.

Espinoza-Torres started this organization in the Fall of 2023. Since he grew up in Peru, he understands there is a need for help. HOPERU’s goal is to spread awareness of environmentalism. One day he wants to branch out into other surrounding countries.



A few things they want to specifically teach are recycling, water filtration and language.

Some people in Peru only speak Quechua or Aymara, but the majority of Peru speaks Spanish. These citizens must understand the language so they are able to communicate and negotiate with ease.

HOPERU accepts financial donations, and these donations will have a positive impact on the lives of the people in need. They cover the costs of the water filtration systems.

Volunteers are always needed for HOPERU. Skill sets and time are valuable to non-profits and volunteers can organize events, create blogs and come up with strategies on how to help this organization grow

For more information about the non-profit, contact HOPERU on Instagram or via email at esp18016@byui.edu.